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Muller’s More of a Quack Than I Thought

Edens Zero Chapter 242 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 242 Review/Recap

When I think that my disrespect for the menace that is Muller can’t get any lower, the bar is lowered yet again. We’ve known for a long time that Muller is an absolute quack that probably isn’t even a real Doctor. After this week’s chapter, though, he all but confirms it to us. He thinks that he can outsmart the Crew of Edens and use one of them to travel through time. Thankfully, we know that this method is likely doomed to failure.

Edens Zero Chapter 242 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


With the Empire’s fleet now under the command of Muller, it looks like Shura and Shiki’s path to The Temple is blocked. However, what no one counted on was the fact that the Crew of Edens has years of combat experience, including in the cockpit.

The members of the Crew of Edens take flight in their fighters and use their abilities to the fullest extent possible. What follows could be described as seeing the Star Fox Squadron from the titular franchise going to work. Each of them proceeds to cut through the enemy like they’re nothing! The witch even uses her powers and the Edens Zero’s main cannon to annihilate an entire swath of capital ships!

Meanwhile, Muller’s watching all this and is seething with rage at Shura returning so soon. However, he’s also been listening in on the other’s conversations and overheard Hermit mention “the last world.” Realizing this means they came from another universe, Muller’s more determined to go through with his plan to travel through time. In addition, he also realizes that Rebecca has her mother’s time travel Ether, which gives him an idea. Disguising his voice as Shiki’s, he tells Rebecca to meet him at the coordinates he’s sending her, with Rebecca complying.

Edens Zero Chapter 242-Rebecca's Not Gonna Fall for this, Right?
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


So, was that ending supposed to make me feel worried about Rebecca’s safety? Because I’m not, and neither should any of the readers. 

Firstly, Rebecca’s not dumb. There’s a good chance either she, Hermit, or Weisz will realize something’s wrong by virtue of how “Shiki” sounded. They know their friends enough to recognize an imposter.

Secondly, even if Muller’s trap works, he’ll still fail. Rebecca can’t use her Ether Gear to time travel anymore; Rebecca’s Mother confirmed this would happen once they entered Universe Zero. There’s a chance her Ether still has that innate ability, but I doubt it.

Edens Zero Chapter 242-Muller Learns About Rebecca
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Muller might think itself to be brilliant, but it’s actually not. The Muller is a quack doctor. 

Quacks aside, I liked this chapter. It reminds me of old rail shooter games like Star Fox, of which I’m a fan of. I also appreciated how it’s acknowledged that Homura’s full skill won’t be apparent until she gets her mecha. That, and how Valkyrie points out that Rebecca getting good as a pilot from video games doesn’t make sense. Here’s hoping that she doesn’t fall for Muller’s obvious trap.

I Give “Muller’s Trap” a 3/5

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