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Ride of the Space Valkyrie!

Edens Zero Chapter 241-Valkyrie Proves Her Mettle 2

Edens Zero Chapter 241 Review/Recap

When we last left off with Edens Zero, things had taken a turn for the strange. The Muller was not only back, but in this reality, he stole Xenolith’s body and powers and used them to join the Void King. Now he’s going to try and wipe out Shura’s entire Empire, meaning the Crew of Edens has to jump in again. This time, though, they have the aid of Valkyrie, who reminds us why she’s the original Sword of Edens. However, will that still be enough?

Also, I’m taking issue with some of Mashima’s decisions regarding the Crew.

Edens Zero Chapter 241 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Edens Zero Chapter 241-Witch and Laguna Reunite
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Following another recap from Xiao Mei, the Crew of Edens is back on the galactic road. Jinn’s mad that he hasn’t gotten the chance to repay Muller for his crimes, though. Laguna also gets the chance to re-meet Witch, which brings him to tears. 

The main issue, though, is what comes next. Their plan was to head to the Yukino Cosmos to get clues to finding Mother, but the Muller puts a damper on them. So, they have to help Xenolith, who they’ve brought alongside Miimi and Aruna. 

  • Edens Zero Chapter 241-Imperial Fleet Goes Rogue
  • Edens Zero Chapter 241-Valkyrie Shows Her True Power

As it turns out, though, Muller was ready for their arrival. Having hacked the Imperial Fleet’s AI, the Muller’s turned their full force against Shura’s ship, opening fire. However, the Edens Zero jumps in to save Shura, with Valkyrie being the first to enter the fray, and she starts beating the snot out of them! Down on the Temple, though, Muller’s not worried. He has access to Xenolith’s gravity powers…and the Empire’s stockpile of antimatter bombs.

Edens Zero Chapter 241-Antimatter Bombs...Uh oh
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee



Oh no, not again! I think readers remember what happened the last time we saw those anti-matter bombs. It led to so much misery in the previous timelines. They either wiped out the planet they were on and killed Witch, Shura, and Ijuna, or it sent Shiki and Rebecca thousands of years into the future. Now the Muller’s planning to do the same thing that Shiki and Rebecca did; on purpose, no less!

I have honestly no clue as to what might happen, but I do know this. If Muller’s allowed to follow through with their madness, then we’ll have a repeat of the tragedy that cost the life of Witch. I don’t want to see that happen!

Side note, I also don’t like how they’re choosing not to bring back Labilia or Couchpo. It might be for their own safety, but I think Labilia deserves the chance to reconcile with Rebecca. Plus, she might still be dying, so there’s that problem.

Madness aside, I’m happy about one thing from this chapter: the fact that it gives us a glimpse into what Valkyrie can really do. We first saw what she’s capable of in the flashback during the Sun Jewel Arc, but it’s clear that that was just a taste. This is what she’s capable of at full strength. I just hope it’s enough to stop Muller. Again!

I Give “Flight of the Valkyrie” a 3/5

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