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Cobra, the Realest King There Ever Was

One Piece Chapter 1085 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1085 Review/Recap

Everyone knew going into this week’s chapter of One Piece that things were going to hit the fan. Firstly, whenever there’s a two-week break in the manga, Oda gives us a banger of a chapter. Secondly, we last saw Cobra alone in a room with the Five Elders, asking them about the Void Century and the Will of D. when Imu shows up. Imu was intimidating enough since so little is known about them, but this chapter sees them become flat-out terrifying. In fact, each of the Gorosei proves to be equally scary, to the point where I question whether or not they’re human! But as we all know, Cobra does not die in vain. For in his last moments, he ensures Sabo can escape to let everyone know the truth of what he saw.

I know we’re still in the Wano Arc in the anime, but I cannot wait for this part of the manga to be animated. It’s going to be terrifying!


As Cobra watches, horrified about Imu sitting on the Empty Throne, certain that was the name of one of the founding Kings of the World Government, Imu rebukes him. However, they do tell him what he wants to know: the D. is the moniker of their enemy, and they blame Queen Lili for allowing the Poneglyphs to be spread around the world. However, Imu then asks Cobra something: did that letter his family has chosen to call Lili “Nefertari Lili”? Realizing his number’s up, Cobra decides he’s got no reason to hide it any longer. The letter from 800 years ago was signed by Queen Nefetari D. Lili.

After that, all Hell breaks loose as Cobra’s skewered by Imu and the Gorosei. Sabo jumps in and tries to take them all out, but Imu snuffs his flames out. Thus, Sabo tries to flee with Cobra as the Gorosei turn into something…else. Knowing he’s dead already, Cobra sacrifices himself to give Sabo the chance to escape and tell the world what he saw…and tell Luffy that he and Vivi are of the Clan D. 

One Piece Chapter 1085-Cobra Gives Lili's Final Message
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Thus ends the life of King Cobra. Except, Wapol also saw everything from a hole in the wall. So, while the Reverie continues and Shirahoshi and her siblings return to the Red Port, Wapol runs for his life. As he does so, he inadvertently rescues Vivi, now held captive by CP0, who claims she’s going to spend the rest of her life as a pet. 

Fat. Chance.


………Holy crap, what the heck did I just read? My heart’s still racing, even after re-reading this chapter several times. This was yet another absolute god-tier chapter from Eichiro D. Goda, and I was on the edge of my seat as I read through it! Even though we roughly understood how things would play out by virtue of this being a flashback, I still found myself surprised about what happened! From Cobra giving his life and going out like a boss so Sabo could tell Luffy what he heard. Wapol’s cowardice ended up saving Vivi from a fate that, in all honesty, likely involved Imu keeping her as their “pet.” That idea alone has negative connotations I don’t want to consider.

One Piece Chapter 1085-The Poneglyph's Scattering Around the World
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

There are two significant things that I think stand out about this chapter, though. Firstly, what Imu revealed to Cobra and what Cobra quoted from Lili’s letter. The fact that Queen Lili was a D. adds another layer of intrigue to the Nefetari family, fueling theories about the role dual role they played in helping found the World Government only to turn their back on it. If Lili was a D., and her family has that moniker, then that explains her decision to turn on the WG and scatter the Poneglyphs. She did it in the hopes that one day, someone would find them and the treasure on Laugh Tale and expose the truth. Roger made sure it would happen centuries later. And now, thanks to Sabo, the Gorosei stand to have their secret be exposed to the whole world.

One Piece Chapter 1085-Sabo Finds Himself in the Center of Hell
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

In addition, I loved the way the Gorosei and Imu were depicted as inhuman shadows. Several fans on Reddit seem to think that they either have special Devil Fruits or that they were never human to begin with. Either way, they looked terrifying, and the primal roar we heard enhanced that. Sabo was right to run from them. If he stayed in that throne room, the true monsters of the world would’ve killed him.

This chapter was the latest in a series of bangers that Oda’s given us. It’s like being a kid and waiting for the new episode of your favorite show to come on; the anticipation’s palpable! And while I’m sad that Cobra’s likely dead, his death won’t be in vain. Sabo and Vivi will ensure the world knows the truth behind his assassination. And I cannot wait to see how people react to that.

I Give “The Death of Nefertari Cobra” a 5/5

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