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Charlos Must be  a Glutton for Punishment

One Piece Chapter 1084 Review/Recap

Charlos just won’t learn his lesson, will he? No matter how many times he gets beaten up for being a racist scumbag, he gets right back on it! He got punched out by Luffy two years ago; Mjosgard beat his face in when he tried to enslave Shirahoshi. Now he’s trying to pull the same stunt again. As we watch the worthless piece of garbage cause trouble once more, Cobra confronts the Gorosei in the Throne Room and discovers something. The World Government may have had it out for the Nefetari Family from the getgo…


Inside the Castle, Sabo’s surprised to discover that Jewelry Bonney already dealt with the guards. She wanted to free her Dad, but since they’ve got that handled, she’s going to Egghead Island to confront Vegapunk. However while hiding, they overhear the guards mentioning how many of their rank are gone because they saw something in “the Phantom Room.”

Outside, Charlos uses Kuma to try and enslave Shirahoshi again. And all her admirer’s turn tail and run rather than do anything about it, much to her brother’s fury. Before they can run Charlos through, though, Mjosgard, Rebecca, Leo, and Sai show up. Since Charlos refuses to learn his lesson, Mjosgard gives them full permission to beat him up. What follows sees the Celestial Dragon flattened in front of everyone, much to the Royals horror and Charlos’ Dad’s fury…and my enjoyment.

In the Empty Throne Room, Cobra confronts the Gorosei about their history. 800 years ago, the Nefetari Family helped found the World Government, but their queen, Lili, refused to become a Celestial Dragon, choosing to return to her kingdom. However, Lili never returned home. What’s more, she left a letter for her family behind that’s been passed down. A letter about “D.” Before their conversation can continue, Cobra’s shocked to see another figure enter the room. Imu, the true ruler of the World Government, takes their place on the Empty Throne.


Oh, Charlos, Charlos, Charlos. It’s like that pretentious, portly, insignificant man is incapable of learning his lesson. It’s the reason why, except for a handful, I hate the Celestial Dragons. They’re so full of themselves that they think they can get away with everything. Now, Charlos might not be dead, but he’s going to wish he was. 

In any case, I’m willing to bet that this action is going to be the last straw for Fishman Island, and possibly Dressrosa. While the former will probably continue to work towards equality, that won’t come as long as the World Government’s in power. Best case scenario, Fishman Island throws its lot in with Dragon, and Dressrosa and Alabasta will follow. 

Speaking of Alabasta, we just got another clue about the Void Century. While the Nefetari helped found the World Government, they refused to become Celestial Dragons. What’s more, their Queen, Lili, vanished before she could return home. Given what we know, it’s likely the World Government had her murdered to cover up what she knew. However, she outsmarted them by leaving a clue for her descendants to uncover. In other words, the World Government’s probably had it out for Alabasta for a long time.

We won’t know the full extent of what happens for another two weeks since the manga’s on break, but right now, it’s looking more and more likely that Imu ordered Cobra’s murder. That’s going to come back to haunt them, since Sabo will be able to tell the whole world what happened. The World Government’s days are numbered; they will fall!

I Give “The Attempted Murder of a Celestial Dragon” a 4/5

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