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LOL, Ijuna Got Shura on a Leash!

Edens Zero Chapter 238 and Chapter 239 Review/Recap

I had meant to post this last week, but the website I read the scans of Edens Zero from was late with last week’s chapter. So I decided to simply do another double-feature for this week, since it’s about Shura. Much like Emperor Nero, Drakken Joe, and Kurenai, the Shura of Universe Zero is not as evil as the one we first met. However, there’s one stubborn, annoying villain that remains evil, no matter the reality or timeline. The villain that I never wanted to see again for as long as I lived.

Also, Ijuna reappears, and her relationship with Shura is way healthier now.


Everyone in Oasis is caught off-guard by the arrival of Emperor Shura. Shiki, though, sees this as the perfect chance to finally be friends with him, and warps away. Meanwhile, Shura and the Ocean’s discuss how they get Oasis to come out of hiding, with Shura saying that they’ll burn the city to do so. However, Ijuna tells Shura no…and he backs down. The others than laugh at how his fiance has him under her thumb.

Shura’s advance comes to a halt, though, when Shiki comes out to play. After some introductions and a quick sparring match, Shura once again grows to like Shiki. Thus, he asks him to team up so they can find Xenolith on this planet and kill him. Shiki, though, is horrified by this. 

Edens Zero Chapter 239-Shura Really is Different
Source-ReadFairyTail, Kodansha Comics

Shura admits that the reason he’s here is because he heard Oasis was harboring Xenolith, confusing Shiki further. In addition, Shura admits that if worse comes to worse, he will, very reluctantly, use the All-Link system to kill Xenolith. He doesn’t want to resort to that though. The two almost come to blows again when the Shining Stars raid Shura’s ship and pay back the Ocean’s 6 for what happened in the last timeline. Thankfully, Laguna comes in and clears up the whole misunderstanding. It also turns out that in Universe 0, Ijuna went undercover as a spy against Shura, but she ended up falling for him for real, and now they’re engaged. 

Edens Zero Chapter 239-The Real Xenolith
Source-ReadFairyTail, Kodansha Comics

Then, to make things weirder, the little robot, Mimi, starts talking in Xenolith’s voice, because he is Xenolith. His body was taken over by the true culprit behind Foresta’s destruction, and the same monster who sent Shura after Oasis. The true culprit’s none other than the Muller, Head of the Imperial Research Department.

Edens Zero Chapter 239-It's Muller AGAIN!?!
Source-ReadFairyTail, Kodansha Comics



There’s a lot to unpack in these two chapters, so I’m going to go rapid-fire in my review.

Edens Zero Chapter 239-Ijuna Won Shura Over
Source-ReadFairyTail, Kodansha Comics

Firstly, I’m very happy to see that in Universe 0, Shura’s not the full-blown monster we first met. He was like Joffrey amped up several degrees. As for Ijuna, I’m glad that her relationship with Shura’s no longer the same twisted Stockholm Syndrome thing that we dealt with. That was one of the most messed up things about the previous timeline, and I’m glad that it’s no longer the case here. In addition, seeing how Shura’s now wrapped around Ijuna’s finger reminds me of how Vegeta’s the same way with Bulma. It’s sweet, and hilarious. And it also turns Sister on.

Edens Zero Chapter 239-Sister's Pervy Mind 2
Source-ReadFairyTail, Kodansha Comics

Secondly, why the heck does the Muller have to be the evil mastermind again? I had hoped that we had hoped to have seen the last of that monster after the Foresta Arc. It turns out, though, that in every reality, the Muller’s destined to be a jerk. That’s fine by me, though. Now we can see Shiki beat him up in Xenolith’s body without feeling any guilt. 

As it stands, though, I wonder how the Muller managed to hijack Xenolith’s body for itself. That must be no easy feat. Considering how it used Xenolith’s powers to destroy Foresta, Muller won’t be an easy fight for Shiki or the Crew of Edens. Hopefully, now they will have Shura and the Ocean’s 6 on their side rather than having to fight them. 

Interesting chapters as a whole. I wasn’t expecting the Muller to come back, but I won’t complain. The Muller is a good punching bag.

I Give “Encounter in the Sand” and “It’s HIM!!” a 3/5 Each

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