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What Happened at the Reverie? The Truth Will Shock You!

One Piece Chapter 1083-King Cobra Might Be Going to His Death

One Piece Chapter 1083 Review/Recap

Ever since word broke out about the chaos at the Reverie, fans have been wondering one thing: what happened?!? King Cobra’s apparently dead, Sabo’s accused of killing him, Vivi’s on the run, and the Revolutionary Army’s declared war. The fandom’s in chaos trying to guess what happened. As of this week, though, fans need no longer speculate. Sabo begins to reveal the full extent of what happened at the Reverie. What happened was…shocking.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Cover Page
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


Meeting with Dragon and Ivankov, Sabo confirms that their raid on Mariejois met all their goals. They declared war by destroying the symbol of the Celestial Dragons. They freed Kuma and as many slaves as possible. Most importantly, they destroyed the Celestial Dragon’s food reserves. Between that, the eight successful uprisings worldwide (including Lulusia), and attacks on their supply lines, this is a major win for the Revolutionaries. Slowly but surely, they plan to starve Mariejois. 

Dragon notes, though, that things won’t start until the Celestial Dragons send out their forces, the Holy Knights. In addition, he notes that, regardless of the truth of Cobra’s death, Sabo’s been made a hero out of it, irrespective of whether Cobra was a good ruler or not. Sabo admits he can live with that, though, as he starts explaining what happened at the Reverie.

One Piece Chapter 1083-The Celestial Dragon’s Run like Cowards
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

One month ago, when Sabo and the Revolutionaries raided Mariejois, it was chaos. The Four Captains of the Revolutionary Army freed every slave they could find, battling the World Government forces and Fujitora and Ryokugyu in the process…and winning. Meanwhile, Sabo’s found Kuma with Charloss, who still wants to kidnap Shirahoshi!!!

Elsewhere, Vivi’s being “guarded” by Lucci and CP0, who rightfully doesn’t trust them while her father meets with the Five Elders. However, since only King Cobra can meet with them, Chaka and Pell are told to look after Vivi and keep her safe instead while he goes in, alone.

We know where this is going.


Every time we get a break, Oda comes back swinging with a new chapter, and holy cow, was this good! The Revolutionary Army’s finally making its move to take down the World Government, and they have my full support! Even if there are plenty of genuinely good people in its ranks, even in the Celestial Dragons, as a whole, the World Government needs to go down. I honestly can’t imagine an ending to One Piece where it survives intact, and I doubt most fans can, either. They’re going to fall; Roger ensured that with his final words, but the Reverie started the death knells.

As far as the action goes, this chapter delivered yet another banger as we saw the Four Captains of the Revolutionary Army show off their skills. Seeing them hold their own against the Admiral’s is a testament to how big a threat they truly are, even if the latter held back due to the Celestial Dragons. I really enjoyed seeing Karasu’s Devil Fruit powers. A Soot-Soot Fruit doesn’t sound powerful, but given how he can create animals and shapes out of it, I’d say its versatile. That, and his design’s cool.

Plus, the first talk about these “Holy Knights,” has been a big point of discussion in the fandom. Fans are coming up with all kinds of ideas about them, but one stands out in particular. A few fans can’t help but notice how the silouthette of one of the Holy Knights looks an awful lot like Shanks. Is it a coincidence or a clue that there’s more to Shanks than we know? I’m hoping that Shanks isn’t actually working for the World Government, though, because that might crush Luffy.

Cobra Becomes a Martyr for the Cause

One Piece Chapter 1083-King Cobra Might Be Going to His Death
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Now, onto the meat of this chapter: the death of Cobra. Until proven otherwise, it’s safe (but sad) to say that King Cobra’s dead. While the Five Elders probably killed him for asking about the Void Century, Sabo got blamed. The tragic part is that unlike a lot of rulers in One Piece, Cobra was one of the ones that did a good job. He cared about his country above all else, and thus, Dragon had no problem with him. Given how hated the ruling elite seems to be, though, Dragon points out the public won’t see the nuance and just praise Sabo for what they think he did. 

As callous as it might sound, I don’t think Cobra would mind this outcome that much, and I doubt Vivi might, either. They both know (or knew) how corrupt the World Government was and how things needed to change. If Cobra’s death helps lead to the end of the World Government, then I think he would be fine with that. In other words, he likely went into the meeting knowing he’d end up a martyr. I hate what happened, but I respect his courage.

One Piece has been on an absolute roll for the last few months, and this chapter was straight fire. We’re finally getting the full picture of what happened at the Reverie, and Oda doesn’t intend to leave us disappointed. I’m more excited than ever to see what happens next week; this is a great time to be a One Piece fan!

Side note, I’m really hoping that Shirahoshi and her family got out of Mariejois safely.

I Give “The Truth About that Day” a 4/5

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