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Buggy Just Grew the Biggest Pair in One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1082-Buggy Puts all His Cards on the Table

One Piece Chapter 1082 Review/Recap

Buggy, you may not be as strong as other pirates are, and you may be the second coming of Mr. Satan. But when you want to do something, you aim to win the whole house! In what has to be one of the most glorious examples of someone growing a pair, Buggy throws his hat into the ring. He’s going to join the search for the ultimate prize, the One Piece! In other words, all four of the Yonko are now competing to get to Laugh Tale! A war the likes of which few can imagine is coming, and it’s going to engulf the world! 

Not only that, but we also learn of Sabo’s fate. 

One Piece Chapter 1082 Cover Page
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


One Piece Chapter 1082-Vice Admiral T-Bone Slain
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

At Navy HQ, Sengoku and Tsuru discuss how one of their own, Vice Admiral T-Bone, was killed in Pepe Kingdom. According to them, it’s a place where thousands starve to death every year, leaving people little choice but to try and claim these bounties. As Tsuru and Sengoku lament how the people they’re supposed to serve are turning on them, Hina breaks the news about Garp and SWORD’s raid on Pirate Island, to their displeasure.

As for the one who killed T-Bone, they seek refuge with Buggy, their payment given to their family. However, Crocodile and Mihawk beat Buggy up for letting their crew make him into the figurehead of Cross Guild’s ship. As the former Warlords discuss their plans to build their own power base, Buggy interrupts them and says they both think too small.

Remembering the last time he saw Shanks before Marineford, on the day of Roger’s execution, Buggy was disappointed in Shanks for deciding not to try and reach Laugh Tale then. As a result, he refused Shanks’ offer to join his crew. Now, the two are on equal footing once more. Buggy doesn’t know if it’s luck or fate, but now that it’s happened, he wants to seize this chance. Before Crocodile or Mihawk can stop, he speaks to the whole crew, reminding them of what they all set out to claim. In as flashy a way as possible, Buggy declares it’s time for them to go out and claim the One Piece!

One Piece Chapter 1082-Buggy Puts all His Cards on the Table
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Meanwhile, in the Kamabakka Kingdom, the Revolutionary Army’s elated to see that Sabo’s returned alive, and with refugees from the Lulusia Kingdom. After chewing him out for scaring them, and enlisting the refugees in their cause, Sabo pulls Dragon and Ivankov aside for a private chat. He wants to tell them and them alone the truth of what happened at the Reverie.


Buggy, you beautiful, beautiful clown! I’ve always had the feeling that if he overcame his cowardice, he could end up becoming as powerful as people think he is. While he may not be at that point yet, he just made a step in the right direction. And since most of Cross Guild’s loyal to him and not Crocodile and Mihawk, he just pushed them into a corner. Now all the Yonko are pushing to find the same thing, the One Piece.

Now, I’m aware that some people might be getting annoyed with the manga jumping between Egghead Island and events elsewhere. One Piece often focuses on the events surrounding the Straw Hats first, then the rest of the world afterward. However, after this chapter, I think Oda’s intent for the Egghead Island Arc becomes clear. Oda’s using this arc to set us up for the final battle that’s coming, the throne wars. The wars between the strongest pirates and the World Government for the fate of One Piece. That’s why it’s focusing on the crews of the Four Emperor’s as a whole: it’s setting us up for what’s to come.

Now that all of the Yonko are going after the One Piece, though, we can turn our attention to the World Government. Whatever happened at the Reverie and what Sabo saw, it might change everything. It looks like Oda’s ready to tell us what happened in full, and I’m ready to listen. Sadly, due to Golden Week in Japan this week, we might have to wait a week or two to learn the truth. 

I Give “Let’s Go and Claim It” a 4.5/5

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  1. Can’t wait to hear the full story of the Reverie. Will it be a full, multi-chapter flashback, or will he get to the MAIN point and leave it at that? Kind of want the full thing, but I’d be fine if he just talks about Imu- like which “light” he wants exterminated and when the “Cleansing” will start? I imagine getting ready for that takes priority over everything.
    BUGGY, BUGGY, BUGGY- he’s gonna get his @$$ kicked again, but……. do you think Crocodile and Mihawk gained even an iota of respect from him for this? Even hanging from a chain and up against 2 superiors, he still found the stones to do what he did and reignited the fire in everyone who set out to sea. zthey may be annoyed, but…… you gotta respect the courage!!
    I have my post for this chapter ready to go; I’m just waiting for the official to clear up some questions I had. Once I’ve gotten the full picture, I’ll post it. My review for “The Owl House” is also out now if you want to read it!

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