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Oh, Man, Edens One Has Gone Ultron On Us

Edens Zero Chapter 235 Review/Recap

Well, this whole thing was unexpected. After many twists and turns, the majority of the Crew of Edens has reunited save for a few members. They even managed to get Valkyrie back, reuniting the Four Shining Stars, making them stronger than ever! However, there’s still the threat of the Edens One, the AI trying to destroy Mother and life itself. And as we see at the end of this chapter, it’s no longer a ship. Edens One has gone full-on Ultron!

Edens Zero Chapter 235 Cover
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Edens Zero Chapter 235-Valkyrie Fanservice
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

With Sun Jewel now safe, Kurenai and her followers stay behind to help with the new government forming. Thanks to that, Homura and Valkyrie return to the Edens Zero to a great reunion with everyone. In the Spa of Edens, all the girls bond while talking about how different Universe Zero is from the previous worlds. Not only is Paul a congressman on Sun Jewel, but Elsie remains a princess! 

Edens Zero Chapter 235-Elsie's Still a Princess
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Valkyrie then interrupts everything by having her and Homura spar, saying training while naked is the best time to stimulate Ether. This weirds Rebeca out a little, but then Sister decides she wants to train, too.

Edens Zero Chapter 235-Pino's Purpose in Life
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

In the galley, the boys and Pino all go over who they still need to find: Laguna, Labilia, Couchpo, and Connor. Their best bet’s to head to the Aoi Cosmos and find Laguna, though Weisz says Shiki’s idea to befriend Shura’s a dumb one. That’s when Pino tells everyone aboard that she has a message for them. She recovered her memories enough to know her true purpose: she was built to destroy the Edens One. She has the AI’s destruction code embedded in her. Furthermore, she learned something interesting she wants to share.

Meanwhile, aboard the Edens One, Wizard speaks to a mysterious machine, calling it the strongest king of machines in the Universe. It’s name is Over NEtherion Void.

Edens Zero Chapter 235-Over Nu Etherion Void, AKA Edens One
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Like I said before, the Edens One has gone Ultron! It’s gone from being an AI to a Machine-entity bent on destroying all life in the Universe. It’s even created a body for itself, which is good. Having a being to physically fight makes for a better antagonist than a ship with a runaway AI. 

As far as plot developments go, this chapter didn’t have much to give us. At the very least, Mashima did retroactively explain the reason for so much fanservice. While it explains why Rebecca got her power-ups every time she was bathing, I still think its a cheap excuse for extra fanservice. 

Edens Zero Chapter 235-Paul is a Congressman?
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

The main thing that I wanted to touch on, though, is that we learn more about characters we’ve met in previous Universes. I wondered where Paul was on Sun Jewel when we went to Sun Jewel, so at least we know what he’s doing now. More importantly, according to Hermit, Lendard never fell apart from civil war. As a result, Elsie never becomes a pirate and can still get her happy ending. While I wouldn’t mind seeing her again, it’s fine if she doesn’t appear anymore. She deserves to be happy.

As far as chapters go, this was middling. It spent a lot of time on exposition and fanservice, but it did set us up to see Edens One in its newest form. Hopefully, the next chapter will be a bit more interesting.

I Give “Over Nu Etherion” a 3/5

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