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Amity Blight: Unwilling Alpha Brat to Happy Free Spirit

The Owl House Episode 16- Enchanting Grom Night- Amity and Luz Dance

A Deep Character Dive Into Amity Blight From The Owl House

I don’t think I’ve been as wrong about the direction a fictional character could take as I was with Amity Blight, and thank heavens for that! Amity Blight, the girl I originally called a “mean alpha bitch,” went from that to one of the best characters in The Owl House. Not to mention, she’s also one-half of one of my all-time favorite ships, Lumity. When I look back on Amity’s journey from mean-spirited girl to loving girlfriend, I can’t help but smile. Then again, it might have to do with the fact that she’s voiced by Mae Whitman, who I grew up knowing as Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender

As we end our journey in The Owl House (and I pray to God that Luz and Amity find a way to stay together), I continue my deep character dives into my favorite characters. Next up, we have Amity Blight…AKA the Future Mrs. Amity Noceda. THERE, I SAID IT!!

Amity, the Academia Alpha Bitch, Meets Luz, the Human

The Owl House S1, Ep 3-Amity Blight, Former Alpha Bitch
Source-Disney Channel

When we first met Amity Blight in episode three, my first thoughts were, “She is going to be a recurring problem for Luz.” She had all the hallmarks of the typical alpha bitch: top student in her track at Hexside and not afraid to show it. Treating everyone beneath her with thinly-veiled condescension, like Willow, her former friend with whom she cut all ties. And above all, someone who’s prone to anger and jealousy when her top spot’s threatened. 

Unfortunately for her, Amity’s seemingly perfect life comes crashing down when Luz Noceda disguises herself as a school project and sneaks into Hexside. The resulting chaos leaves her beaten and humiliated by Luz and Willow. 

Luz and Amity's relationship grows at the Covention

Amity’s luck doesn’t get any better. Running into Luz once more at the annual Covention, Amity’s bullying of the Human and King prompts Luz to challenge her to a Witch’s duel. A Witch’s duel that Luz has no chance whatsoever of winning, and if she loses, she’ll have to give up her dreams of becoming a Witch. Despite looking set to win, though, the duel becomes another humiliation for Amity when it’s revealed that both Clawthorne sisters used their respective students to cheat. Poor Amity’s so ashamed she runs off to cry alone, only to be comforted by, of all people, Luz. 

At first, Amity considered Luz’s desire to become a Witch a childish whim and mockery of all the hard work Amity had to do. However, seeing Luz willing to put in the hard work despite her handicaps moves Amity a little. It’s not much, but Luz starts to sneak into the young Blight’s heart.

Seeing the Sweet Side Underneath the Sour Attitude.

Despite wanting nothing to do with the likes of Luz, Amity’s frustration grows as the Human refuses to leave her alone, and she doesn’t understand why. She’s so used to everyone having some hidden motive or reason behind their actions that she fails to understand that Luz is just trying to be her friend. It also doesn’t help that Luz befriends her older brother and sister, Edric and Emira, who she considers nothing but troublemakers and a source of stress.

The Owl House Episode 7 Book Monster
Source-Disney Channel

Things come to a head when Amity catches the three inside her secret hideaway in the Bonesborough Library during the night of the Wailing Star, with pages of Amity’s diary strewn all over the floor. Fed up with this, Amity writes Luz off as nothing more than a bully and tells her to leave her alone. Except it was Luz who tried defending Amity and keeping her siblings from posting the diary all over Hexside. Despite this disastrous moment, Luz and Amity are forced to team up to survive a monstrous storybook character created by the twins and brought to life by the Wailing Star.

The Owl House Episode 7 Can Luz and Amity become friends one day?
Source-Disney Channel

This episode marks a turning point in Luz and Amity’s relationship. Luz discovers that underneath her alpha bitch attitude, Amity is a genuinely kind person. The only reason she acts as she does is due to the immense pressure put on her by her family, teachers, and herself. It’s something Luz can emphasize due to her social outcast background. It also helps that they share a mutual love of the same book series, the Good Witch Azura. After this, the two decide to start fresh, with Amity realizing she needs to work on being nicer.

Granted, things hit a snag when Luz puts them all in danger while training, but she fixes things.

Seeing How Terrible Her Parents Are

Following these events, Luz and Amity are on better terms with each other, forming an unlikely friendship that only grows once Luz starts attending Hexside. In addition, Ed and Em ease up on their treatment of Amity after learning how their actions almost got her killed. They still tease her, but it’s more light-hearted sibling teasing than malicious intent. 

The Owl House Episode 15- Understanding Willow and Willow and Amity's Memories
Source-Disney Channel

One problem still needs to be addressed, though: Amity’s relationship with Willow. While they were best friends growing up, Amity chose to end their friendship on her birthday, claiming it was because of Willow’s weakness. After that, she started hanging out with fellow Queen Bee’s Boscha and Skara, the former of whom would regularly torment Willow over the years. So, when Amity sees a chance to erase Willow’s memories of her (thanks to Luz), she takes it…only to almost destroy Willow’s mind.

The resulting attempts to fix things see Luz and Amity travel inside Willow’s mind. The latter becomes the target of the Inner Willow, who represents Willow’s repressed rage at Amity and wants to burn her alive. The only way Amity manages to survive is by revealing the whole truth of what happened. Her choice to end their friendship was not of her own free will, but because her parents threatened to ensure Willow would never get into Hexside. So, yeah, Amity’s parents were jerks (at least her Dad gets better.) It doesn’t excuse Amity’s refusal to stand up for Willow against Boscha, but it also proves something important. All her life, Amity’s been suffocated by the pressure of being the daughter of the wealthy and powerful Blight family, unable to do the things that truly make her happy. That is, until Luz came into her life and changed everything.

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