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Why is Kurenai Here Again?!?

Edens Zero Chapter 232 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 232 Review/Recap

When we last left off with Edens Zero, they talked down Drakken Joe. There was no epic rematch between Shiki and Drakken Joe, who went from villain to anti-hero on the alignment chart. However, the real issue was with Homura. Despite everyone else regaining their memories so far, Homura’s won’t come back. Moreover, when they debate heading to Sun Jewel to find Valkyrie, Homura explains that she’s still dead in this Universe (allegedly). Which means, they have to do the next best thing: find Homura’s mother. They have to find…Kurenai.

I don’t like what happens next.

Edens Zero Chapter 232 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Edens Zero Chapter 232-Cybernetics is a Part of Life
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

With Sister, the wind siblings, and Mosco aboard, the group goes to pick up Hermit, whose body is chilling in the same place as before. However, Jinn does question why she was in Digitalis. It turns out, in this Universe, neither of them met Muller. As a result, Hermit’s research went off like it was supposed to and she went into Digitalis to kill time. As for Jinn, he got cybernetics since it was part of his society’s ways. They only worked for Joe because they lost all their money on Guilst.

Edens Zero Chapter 232-Homura Can't Remember
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

As for Homura, the others try to jog her memory to no avail, as Homura explains what happened to Valkyrie in this timeline. As before, Valkyrie raised her after her mom left. However, during a match with Creed (the Shogun’s son), she injured him by accident, a “crime” fit for death.

Valkyrie took her student’s place, and Homura was so traumatized, she couldn’t use her Ether Gear again. Left with no choice, the Crew of Edens decides to head to Sun Jewel to find Kurenai.

When the group arrives on Sun Jewel, though, it’s nothing like the one they remember. The streets are empty, because everyone is taking shelter. Stone bugs are attacking from the blockade zone (the slums), so everyone’s fleeing while the planet’s protectors, the Punishers, fight them off. To everyone’s surprise, though, the Protector’s are Kurenai’s minions from Universe 1. In addition, they’re being personally led by Kurenai herself!



I’m sorry but, what the heck happened in Universe 0? What could’ve happened to make Kurenai, who’s on my list of “Mom’s I Hate,” into a protector of Sun Jewel? I could tolerate what they did with Nero; Drakken Joe, I could stomach. But Kurenai? I’m drawing the line there! I haven’t forgotten what she did, and I doubt Shiki and the others have, either.

Anger over this aside, I am curious as to how Kurenai ended up the way she did in Universe 0. Did she make better choices for herself in this Universe, or is she just not the same greedy hate sink we first met? I don’t really care; right now, I just want Homura to remember and go back to being herself. That, and I wish Mashima would give Jinn and Kleene more time to show their backstory, because it’s lacking here.

As far as positives go, there were some things that I enjoyed about this chapter. Firstly, I enjoyed the fact that Muller wasn’t around to traumatize Hermit in this timeline. Secondly, I like how Creed’s alive again, and will hopefully stay alive this time around. Beyond that, though, I’m about ready to end this abridged reunion arc and get to the final battle. I’m glad the anime guy came back, though. I liked him, too.

Also, screw Creed’s Dad.

I Give “Sun Jewel (U0)” a 2/5

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  1. This series has had the WEIRDEST Pacing problems ever since the Time Skip; it feels like everything’s moving faster in some places and slower randomly in others. We’re not getting a lot of build up to anything and yet I KNOW things are happening that are gonna be important- or at least I want to see more.
    I wanted to see more about Norma, and I would have liked to know more about the Rutherford’s homeworld. ‘Cause we got NO indication that their planet was like this. Is this a Universe 0 thing to make “Kris Becomes A Cyborg” a Constant? I don’t know!!
    Kureani’s back………. Okay. I didn’t care one way or another but I guess I’m glad she’s not a b!tch in this Universe. I’d say I hope Muller is different too, but I feel like Mashima’s gonna keep him the same all the way.
    I think the problem is that Mashima is doing exactly what he did in “Fairy Tail-” ALL AT ONCE. The Villain’s getting redemption all in one shot, rather than spaced out. And the worst of it is that it’s 2 of the BIG ones and one Arc Villain. It’s one thing if its Kureani; it’s another when it’s Drakken.
    I hope the series gets better before we reach THE Finale. ‘Cause we’ve still got to get the relics to reach Mother, go to see Shura, and go to see Rachel in the Yuki Cos………….. Holy’s Sister Sarah is alive, isn’t she?

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