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Wow, Shiki Got Overdrive Back Already?

Edens Zero Chapter 230 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 230 Review/Recap

Remember how I said how this Edens Zero reunion arc would be like a speedrun? I wasn’t wrong. Not only is the story progressing faster, but now Shiki’s getting a new kind of Overdrive. I kind of miss the old one, though. 


Edens Zero Chapter 230-The Wind Siblings Remember
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

As Sister stands exhausted from her fight with Jinn and Kleene, she berates them for not being able to remember her. However, they both reveal that their memory came back mid-fight. She was just too engrossed in beating them up, she didn’t even notice! Regardless, the three are happy to be reunited once more. At the same time, Sister gets a call from Mosco, who’s memories have also returned. For some reason, though, Homura’s have not.

Edens Zero Chapter 230-Homura Doesn't Remember
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Meanwhile, Nero realizes that Shiki is Ziggy’s grandson, having recognized his Ether Gear to be that of Ziggy’s. Rolling his Empire Dice, Nero decides to give him some advice as they continue battling: he wants him to enter Overdrive. Shiki insists that he still can’t do that, but Nero says that he can. Going into Overdrive changes his body to allow him to do so, and there’s more than one form of it. As a result, Shiki taps into his Ether, and gains an Overdrive that matches who he is now. It’s Overdrive Route: Ziggy! 

Edens Zero Chapter 230-Overdrive Route: Ziggy
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

With Nero defeated, he explains why he helped Shiki: he wants him to stop his son, Shura. However, at that moment, Drakken Joe enters the scene, deciding that he has to take care of business himself. Remember what happened with Joe and Shura in the previous Universes, Shiki tells Pino he knows what he has to do: he’ll make them both his friends.



Okay, first of all, RIP Shiki is Key Theory! That has now left the building, and I feel stupid! Second of all, I think it’s both funny and sad that the wind siblings got their memories back as they were getting beat up. Funny because this is classic Sister…and sad because it feels disrespectful to them from Mashima. 

Thirdly, I think we should be worried about Homura now. If she doesn’t get her memories back now, then either something’s wrong, or she needs stronger stimuli. I suspect Mosco got his back by seeing Homura’s Ether Gear, but that’s all I got. Perhaps meeting Shiki again will jog her memory. If not her, then is it possible Valkyrie’s still alive in this Universe? That could be the key.

As for Shiki, I wasn’t expecting him to get his Overdrive back so soon, but it makes sense. He was only able to beat Drakken Joe once he unlocked Overdrive. Now he has to beat him again and get him to listen to him. While it does seem a little forced to make Shiki try to befriend the man who killed him in an alternate Universe, this might be the best way to ensure everyone can live a better life. Fingers crossed!

Edens Zero Chapter 230-Shiki's Master Plan
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

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