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About My Mando/Bad Batch/South Park Stuff…

Hey guys, RJ Writing Ink here. As of today, I’ve decided to do my reviews for The Mandalorian away from my blog. Much like what I did with The Bad Batch and South Park, I will now post them on The Game of Nerds. I’ve been writing reviews for them for a few years now, and I have gained more views on there than I would otherwise. As such, I’ve taken to posting my reviews for those shows on their site rather than here.

So, if you want to see my reviews for any of those shows going forward, please go to The Game of Nerds blog. I appreciate it, and I know the people who run the blog will feel the same. Just be prepared for the reviews to come out later, as they have to space posts out to generate traffic.

I’ve also been writing for D&A Anime Blog as a contributor. They put out a request for more writers a few months back, and I responded. I’ve done a few one-off posts about anime news, fan theories and works, and reviews for shows like Chainsaw Man and Tomo-Chan is a Girl! My Tomo-Chan reviews have proven to be very popular. Go read them if you want my thoughts on one of the best rom-com anime of the Winter 2023 season and 2023 in general. It’s a lot of fun to watch! 

Links to both sites will be provided below!

My Game of Nerds Stuff

My D&A Anime Blog Stuff

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