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Rebecca is a Badass, Ether Gear or Not!

Edens Zero Chapter 228-Rebecca Wins

Edens Zero Chapter 228 Review/Recap

So, to recap the last chapter of Edens Zero, my worst fears were confirmed. The entire team’s gotten nerfed, since their bodies can’t handle the increase in power they got Post-Aoi War. As a result, they’re finding it harder to deal with the Element 4 than they should, especially Rebecca. However, the good thing about Rebecca that sets her apart from Mashima’s other main heroines is she didn’t need Ether Gear to fight at first. She got her deadly skills with firearms to cover for her. 


As Shiki and Pino lament the former’s weakness, elsewhere, Moscoy’s working to get Illega’s captive girls to safety. That’s when he notices that Homura has Ether Gear, albeit she can barely use it. 

Edens Zero Chapter 228-Sister is Mad
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

In another location, Sister’s facing down Jinn and Kleene, who remain ignorant of their past history. After failing to get through to them, Sister decides on the simplest solution: beat them up until they remember.

Outside, the fight between Rebecca and Daichi continues, with Happy unable to do anything but helplessly watch since he’s not a cyborg in Universe 0. However, Rebecca’s still able to use her Ether Gear and Overdrive form.

Too bad she can’t actually control it, leaving her open to getting restrained by Daichi once more. However, Happy then remembers how Rebecca fought before she got Ether Gear: her guns. In this case, the twin blasters she’s had on her back the whole time. Using them, and her incredible flexibility, Rebecca turns the tables on Daichi and wastes the Earth member of the Element 4! 

Edens Zero Chapter 228-Rebecca Goes Gangster 2
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Score one for Edens Zero.


Well, that took an unexpected turn. However, it also took a few expected turns, so I think things evened out in the end.

Edens Zero Chapter 228-Homura Still Has Ether Gear?
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Firstly, let’s talk about Homura. We have no indication about whether or not she ever met Valkyrie in this Universe, but given how meek she is, it seemed like she didn’t. So seeing her briefly manifest her Ether Gear comes as a surprise. Her control of it is non-existent, so her ability to fight remains limited. Hopefully, meeting Shiki will bring her memories back and return her to the warrior we know and love.

As for Sister, she can fight Jinn and Kleene all she wants. If I’m right about Shiki’s power, then only he can restore their memories. Hopefully, Shiki and Pino will backtrack to Sister and straighten this mess out.

As for Rebecca, it’s nice to see that, even though she no longer has her time powers, she’s still got her Ether Gear. However, that’s of little help in her present state. Good thing she’s also a badass with a gun. Say what you want, but out of the main heroines in Mashima’s manga, Rebecca’s the most capable.

Here’s hoping that things go as smoothly for Weisz. Next week, we’re seeing him fight Fie of the Element 4!

I Give “Gunner” a 3/5

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  1. So Homura has either met with Valkyrie already, but something happened to where she “lost her nerve” and she can no long use Soul Blade- or she’s NEVER met Valkyrie and has a vague memory of her powers from Universe 3.
    Rebecca has proven to have everything that Lucy and Elie had times a million; she’s the best of both!! I’m so proud of her growth.

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