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What to do When Seraphims Attack

One Piece Chapter 1075-An Unwanted Team Up

One Piece Chapter 1075 Review/Recap

I’ve been semi-active on the One Piece Reddit and its subsequent Discord for a while now, and over the last week, theories about what’s happening on Egghead Island abound. One of the biggest theories that fans have come up with: there’s a spy or traitor in the labophase. Given the repeated acts of sabotage taking place, I think the fans might be right. Someone doesn’t want Vegapunk, the Straw Hats, or anyone else to leave. And to make sure that doesn’t happen, the Seraphim are unleashed. 

Someone play the Sephiroth theme song now!

One Piece Chapter 1075 Cover Page
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


Things in the labophase above Egghead Island continue to deteriorate for everyone inside. Vegapunk Shaka discovers someone’s been destroying the surveillance snails, cutting off communications for the lab. As a result, the Straw Hats, the Satellites, and Stussy are isolated throughout the lab, unaware of what’s happening. The good news is that the team consisting of Usopp, Franky, Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk York manage to locate Pythagoras, still alive despite the explosion, albeit as a head.

The bad news is that the Seraphim S-Snake shows up, and turns York into stone with her powers before trying to kill the others. Despite the Vegapunk’s ordering her to stand down, S-Snake refuses to listen. When Franky suggests they fight back, Lilith berates him, saying the Seraphims are the most powerful beings in the world, and they have no chance against them in a fight.

One Piece Chapter 1075-Seraphims Attack
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Back in the command room, a similar situation plays out, this time with S-Bear and S-Hawk trying to kill Lucci and Kaku. Shaka fails to stop them, deducing that another Vegapunk commanded them. As a result, a now conscious Lucci and Kaku realize how bad their situation is and proposes a truce. The Straw Hat’s free them both, and they work to take down the Seraphims.

One Piece Chapter 1075-An Unwanted Team Up
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Luffy and Zoro are…not happy with that idea.


It looks like the fans are right: there’s either a spy who infiltrated the lab, or someone in there is a traitor. If it’s the latter, then they’ve created a good trap. Force everyone into a single location, isolate them within the lab, and then set the Seraphim loose to kill everyone. However, was it really a Vegapunk that gave the orders, or is someone impersonating one? I’m hoping it’s the latter, but given Pythoagoras’ reaction, it might even be Vegapunk himself.

No, really. I saw a theory on Reddit or Discord saying that Vegapunk ordered this as part of an elaborate attempt to cover his tracks, and make it look like the Straw Hat’s really did kidnap him. That way, the World Government couldn’t kill him without looking bad. In addition, it would also ensure that his research wouldn’t be abused by the World Government. If this theory’s correct, then that’s pretty impressive on Vegapunk’s part. 

Can the Straw Hat’s Win Against the Seraphim

Regardless of who’s responsible, the fact remains that the Vegapunks, CP0, and the Straw Hats are facing down the most powerful cyborgs in existence. Given how they tore Amazon Lily apart and scared the likes of Blackbeard, we know they’re dangerous. The question is, could the Straw Hats beat them? My answer: yes.

I’m well aware of how strong the Seraphim are. However, keep in mind that in Wano, the Straw Hats grew stronger than ever. Each of them took down or helped bring down one of Kaido’s officers, with Zoro and Sanji besting King and Queen. If push came to shove, I think the strongest members of the Straw Hats (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbei) could beat the Seraphims. The others could hold their own reasonably well. 

The bottom line is that the Straw Hats will have to fight the Seraphims, and I want them to. I want to see Zoro fight S-Hawk. Think of how funny it would be for Luffy to fight S-Snake. And the idea if Jinbei fighting his own clone is too awesome to ignore. So, bring on the fights. If they win, the World Governments will be out of their newest toys.

I Give “Labo-Stratum Death Game” a 4/5

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