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I Knew It! The Heroes Got Nerfed!

Edens Zero Chapter 227 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 227 Review/Recap

Nerfing, or getting nerfed, is when something’s made weaker or worse than before. It’s a common term in video games used to describe a character or item that developers weakened because it broke the game. However, I feel it can apply to characters and things outside of video games with the proper context. My worst fears are confirmed in this case: the Crew of Edens got nerfed!

Edens Zero Chapter 227 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Shiki and Pino are surprised that Nero, not Laguna, is the water member of Joe’s Element 4. Despite this, Shiki refuses to back down against Nero. As the two begin to clash, Pino notes that Nero and Shiki are close to evenly matched. However, she realizes that, while he still has all his power from before coming to Universe 0, Shiki’s body can’t catch up, resulting in a severe imbalance. In other words, Shiki got nerfed!

Meanwhile, outside of Belial Gore, Pino’s fears about the others are coming true. Rebecca and Weisz have also gotten nerfed. Weisz can’t use his Arsenal suit to his full potential without Hermit, so Witch has to go and retrieve her from Digitalis. In addition, while Rebecca does have access to her Ether Gear (minus the time powers), her body can’t use it to its fullest extent. As a result, both of them are left on the ropes against Daichi and Fie. 

As for Shiki, he learns just how much has changed in Universe 0. Not only did Nero retire and pass on his title as Emperor to Shura, but in this Universe, Laguna’s the leader of Oasis!


knew that this was going to end up happening! When I saw Shiki accidentally warp into the bathhouse, I had a feeling that his powers got nerfed in some way. I was right: since their bodies have yet to adjust to the power they had post-time skip, the Crew of Edens is weaker than before. Now they have to fight the Element 4 under-leveled. Unless they do something soon, this could be a repeat of…the first time.

As far as the revelation about Laguna in Universe 0, I’m not surprised. Being the leader of Oasis likely means that many of his comrades are alive and well, which is what he wanted the most. However, the trade-off is that now Shura’s in charge of the Aoi Empire, and this means that the heroes will have to go to the Aoi Cosmos and deal with Shura all over again to get Laguna back. The silver lining is that we might be seeing Hermit sooner than we thought.

Edens Zero Chapter 227-The Return of Hermit Soon
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

At this point, it’s safe to say that Edens Zero is in uncharted territory. Expect things to appear drastically different from the story we knew, making this less surprising. Hopefully, Sister can convince Jinn and Kleene to defect again, making things easier for the heroes. That, and they can get themselves un-nerfed!

I Give “Power and Body” a 3/5

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  1. I wonder if Shiki can still tap into his 3 Years Later Overdrive- that new form he unlocked against Ziggy- or if he’s back to his initial Overdrive form, but amped. Heck, can he even HANDLE it right now?
    Hermit’s coming back- YAY!! Though…….. convincing her to come back at this point might be difficult for Witch alone, considering what happened………
    I wonder what the Aoi Cosmos is like with Shura in charge. Probably worse off, right?

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