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I Was Wrong about the Element 4’s Sea God!

Edens Zero Chapter 226 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 226 Review/Recap

Remember last week and how I said that the title referred to Laguna? Well, I was wrong, and I’m big enough to admit that. As it turns out, we may have to wait a while to see Laguna again. In his place on the Element 4, we have someone else we know.

It still doesn’t matter, though. The Crew of Edens has to put Drakken Joe in his place. Again!

Edens Zero Chapter 226 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


After hearing that Homura’s at Illega’s tower, Rebecca’s horrified since she remembers what that monster does to girls. Sister had planned on taking him down and cutting off one of Joe’s biggest backers in the process, but now…she tells Moscoy to go nuts. The Sumo Android happily obliges and leads Homura and the other girls on a prison break. 

Edens Zero Chapter 226-Moscoy Puts Illega in his Place
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Meanwhile, the Crew of Edens arrives at Belial Gore and gets ready to charge straight through the front door. They don’t have much of a choice, since Sister trolled them by calling ahead of time. Regardless, though, they each have a score to settle with one of the Element 4, so Rebecca, Happy, and Weisz break off to fight Fie and Daichi.

The others head inside, where they encounter Jinn and Kleene. This time, Sister decides to fight them until they remember except…Kleene still has all her emotions.

Edens Zero Chapter 226-Jinn and Kleene!
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

As for Shiki and Pino, they head deeper into Joe’s HQ, only to be met by the final member of the Element 4…EMPEROR NERO!?!?!

Edens Zero Chapter 226-Emperor Nero?!?
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Well, I didn’t expect that to happen!


Guys, I was a fool, and I overlooked a few key factors going into this. Remember how Rachel said that Universe 0 could give them the life they wanted most? Happy never became a cyborg; Weisz’s mom is alive; the robots of Granbell Park have enough power to last centuries. I forgot about how it would affect the Wind Siblings and Laguna.

Edens Zero Chapter 226-Kleene Still Has Her Emotions
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Firstly, we have Jinn and Kleene. Given how Kleene already has all her emotions, I’m going to assume that in Universe 0, their parents never died and they were never tortured at the hands of the Muller (I still refuse to refer to that thing as a person.) That’s good for them, but it could complicate things. The big concern, though, is the fact that Laguna may not even be on Guilst. For all we know, he could be living in peace in the Aoi Cosmos with the members of the Resistance. Or worse, Shura could be in charge of the Empire!

With Shiki having to fight Emperor Nero, this could go one of two ways. If Nero and Ziggy were still good friends in Universe 0, he might switch sides and help Shiki. Otherwise, Shiki’s got a fight on his hands. Either way, this is going to be harder than we thought.

I just want to see the Crew of Edens reunited!

I Give “Sea God” a 3.5/5

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