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Moscoy Moscoy, an Army of Moscoy!

Edens Zero Chapter 225 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 225 Review/Recap

So, to recap what we learned last week. Not only is sister not being held prisoner by the fake Witch, but she’s the leader of Rogue Out. In addition, Homura’s currently forced to work for Drakken Joe to pay off her deadbeat mother’s debts. So, things have already started to go off the rails in regards to the story that we knew from the first time around. Then again, some changes might end up being a good thing, because now Shiki might have an army to stick it to Drakken Joe: an army of Moscoy.


Picking up where we last saw her, Homura’s meekly forced to do whatever Drakken Joe says because her mom welched on her debt to him. As a result, she’s got to pay it back, and according to Joe, the best way to do that is by working for…Illega. 

*Skin Crawling*

In Rogue Out’s base, Sister can’t seem to remember Shiki and the others, and refuses to believe they don’t work for Joe. So she has her security come to eject them from the premises, in the form of an army of Moscoy machines. Except for Rebecca, who she immediately tries to “play” with. Thankfully, Shiki uses his Gravity Ether to blow back all the Moscoy’s, which triggers Sister’s memories.

Now that that matter’s been settled, Sister explains what happened differently here. Fake Sister never existed/showed up, so she never got captured. As a result, when she started doing medical work on Guilst, she wound becoming the leader of Rogue Out. They’re a resistance group dedicated to fighting Drakken Joe. Sister thinks it will be easy to take him out again, but Shiki’s skeptical. The conversation gets put on hold, though, when the real Moscoy calls Sister. Disguised as a woman, Moscoy’s infiltrated Illega’s tower…alongside Homura.


*takes a deep breath*

They need to save Homura from Illega and Drakken Joe, and they need to do it right now. I can’t stand to see Homura looking so timid and afraid! And the idea that we’ll likely see that creep, Illega, again makes my skin crawl. I was very uncomfortable with his role in the Guilst Arc the first time around, and I hoped that we never saw him again! 

At least fate has seen to it that Moscoy will be in a position to rescue Homura and the other girls if the situation calls for it. 

In any case, Shiki’s right to be worried about Drakken Joe. The only reason they beat him in the previous Universe is that Rebecca warned them about everything beforehand. They’ll need to play this carefully if they want to win. However, I think the army of mass-produced Moscoy machines could be a good trump card. As for Jinn, Kleene, and Laguna, I’m hoping that they’ll defect once Shiki meets them.

This chapter also lends further credence to my theory that Shiki’s the key to getting people to remember. Whenever he uses his Gravity Ether, that triggers their memories. I also found it hilarious that the first thing Sister remembers is how much she liked bullying Rebecca. Never change, Sister. 

Since the next chapter’s titled “Sea God,” I’m assuming it has something to do with Laguna. His appearance could help them beat Joe and fix this madness. 

I Give “Moscoy Heaven” a 3/5

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  1. Yeah, that Mosco Army needs to be useful, don’t it? I wonder if there’s enough space on the ship for them in case of emergency. They’ve been in 2 Wars now, and one of the things that they DIDN’T have either time was Numbers. They may have had a strong ally going into Lendard, but………. That wasn’t enough, considering how they had to come out of that one.
    They have to fight this guy a THIRD time. And they BARELY won their second time around. And in the “Universe Of Possibilities” where they can get hit with a whole bunch of different curveballs; something tells me they’re in for a big surprise.

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