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Edens Zero is Now Off the Rails! Drakken Joe Returns!

Edens Zero Chapter 224-Sister?!?!

Edens Zero Chapter 224 Review/Recap

Well, that went completely off the rails. After the first two events in this grand reunion tour went well for the Crew of Edens, things are getting complicated. This week, the story finally diverges from the original timelines to give us something new and interesting. Worse, it also means the return of Shiki’s first big enemy, Drakken Joe. And Homura’s in his clutches!

This is getting good.


Having reunited with Pino and Weisz with no effort, the two happily rejoin the Crew of Edens, and are even happier to see Witch once more. In addition, due to Weisz being on better terms with Sibir in Universe 0, the two don’t leave on a sour note, and Pino still has all her memories intact. That means that she remembers why Ziggy built her, and she’s got major info on the Edens One. However, she withholds it until the entire crew’s reunited.

Following another scene in the bath of Edens, Pino deduces that only those aboard the ship when it jumped to Universe 0 will remember previous events. In the meantime, they all head to Planet Guilst to find Sister and, hopefully, Homura. However, when they get there, they discover that things aren’t the same as before. Instead of the imposter, the real Sister’s now leading Rogue Out, and seems to be in a gang war with…Drakken Joe?!?

Worse, it looks like in this Universe, Homura’s currently saddled with debt to Drakken Joe.

This could be a problem.


Well, it looks like things are finally starting to deviate from the history that we know. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, though, is depends on how you look at it. 

Firstly, this means we don’t have to deal with the whole B-Cuber kidnapping thing, that perverted frog, or that fake Sister. That’s a good thing. However, in Universe 0, it seems like Sister and Drakken Joe are locked in some kind of gang war for control of the planet. Assuming that the Chronophage shows up like the first time, that would leave everyone on a tight timetable.

I’m not that worried, though. Shiki defeated Drakken Joe in a past timeline, and the Crew of Edens has prior knowledge and years of experience to help them deal with Joe. We shouldn’t underestimate him, though. The last time they did that…that’s not something I have fond memories of experiencing.

In any event, I’m more curious to learn how Sister and Homura turned out the way they did in Universe 0, but if my theory’s right, then Shiki’s the key to restoring their memories. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long before Homura and Sister are back to the way we know them. Let the war on Guilst begin!

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