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In Slick’s Wake

RIP to Reggie "Slick Goku" Groover

A Short Story Dedicated to the Memory of Reggie Groover, AKA Slick Goku

*In an undisclosed city in the 2GS Universe, at the bar Slick Shots, we see a sign on the front of the door that reads “Closed for a wake.” Inside the bar, a massive crowd of people from all over the Dragon Ball fan community has gathered for a wake in honor of the memory of Reggie “Slick Goku” Groover. 

Representing the DevilArtemis Universe, we have Perfect Cell, Kermit the Frog, Cell Jr., Frieza, Cooler, Shallot, Master Roshi, Pika Juan, Mecha-Ugandan Knuckles, Miss Piggy, and All for One.

From Daitomodachi’s Universe, we have Emo Gohan, Dai, Deki, Kakoyin, Gohan Black, Piccolo, Gohan Absalon, Grand Priest Gohan, and Chi-Chi. Android 21 and El Hermano are calling in on Skype and Discord.

SXR123’s represented by the trio of Rex, Haruhi, and Jeanne D’Arc.

In Prince Vegeta’s Universe, we have Vegeta, Bulma, and his harem of women.

Other guests include Kronk and Broly from KronkForce, Shrek (also played by KronkForce), TFS Nappa, KishinPain, BulmaBunny, Cermit with a C standing in for Kaggy, Uncle Al, and a whole other bunch of people that knew or worked with Slick Goku.

And from the Slickverse itself, we have Slick Gohan, Slick Goten, Slick Chi-Chi, Pan, Takashi, Issei, Natsu, Lucy, Kirito, Azula, Caulifla, Kale, Naruto, Hinata, and all the other characters that Slick met and worked with over the years. At the front of the bar is a podium with three photo’s: one of Slick Goku on the left, Otaku D. Furiku. At the podium itself is RJ “Jay” Writing Ink, wearing dress clothes and a black armband of mourning.*

Jay: Hello there, everyone, and thank you all for gathering here today. I’m RJ “Jay” Writing Ink, AKA Jungoguy, and I thought it best to organize this wake in honor of the memory of Slick Goku, who sadly passed away earlier this week.

I never met Slick Goku myself, but I have spoken to several of you people on Discord and I know how much he meant to all of you. I actually learned about Slick Goku when he appeared in a DevilArtemis video. Kermit the Frog was trying to get him to listen to his mixtape, then he and Cell both pulled their guns out on each other before deciding, “let’s team up for a job.” And I remember thinking, “This guy is one of the funniest guys I have ever seen on the Internet. Like, this version of Goku that he’s playing is the most gangster Goku I’ve ever seen in my life, and I love him.”

Whenever I saw him appear in a video, my face would light up because we all knew it would be good, right? I started subscribing to his channel, and I would watch and listen to him for hours. He was so funny, and I could listen to him for hours. Like, no cap, I would go to work, put in my headphones, and start listening to Slick’s videos on shuffle for hours at a time. It was just that much fun!

What I’m trying to say, everyone, and I think that we can all agree that we all feel the same way, is that Reggie Groover was a talented man who made the world a brighter place just by being here. Prince Vegeta said it himself on Twitter: Reggie was one of the best friends anyone could hope to have. They would spend hours upon hours talking and chatting and collabing together and just enjoying their lives to the fullest. 

Vegeta: I wouldn’t say this about any Kakarot, but Reggie was probably…sniff…he was probably the best friend I ever had. 

Jay: Facts. I never got to meet him or speak to him, but I was an absolute fan of his. He made tens ouf thousands of people happy every day, and on behalf of all his fans, we offer our condolences to his friends, his family, his loved ones. He will be missed.

*Jay then pulls out a bottle of tequila and encourages everyone else to take a glass and raise it up into the air*

Jay: On behalf of everyone who knew him and loved what he did, let’s make a toast to the memory of Reggie Groover, AKA Otaku D. Furiku, AKA Slick Goku. 

Daitomodachi: He was funny as hell.

Emo Gohan: He was the second Dad that I always wanted.

El Hermano: I wish I could’ve met him in person.

Rex: Rex wishes he could’ve fought him! 

TFS Nappa: He was hilarious and we will quote everything he said.

Perfect Cell: I normally don’t like Goku’s, but…he was an exception.

Kermit: Thanks for giving my mixtape a chance.

Shrek: He was a worthy opponent.

Slick Gohan, Slick Goten, Takashi and Issei: We’ll miss you, pops/grandad.

Pan: I’ll never forget you, grandpa.

Slick Chi-Chi: You better save some guns for me in the afterlife.

Kronk: You were worth making the sacrifice for, Slick. 

Vegeta: He was…he was my best friend. I know I call myself the coolest motherf**cker who ever lived, but…he was always the slickest.

Jay: To Slick Goku. The realest Saiyan who ever lived!

Everyone: FACTS!

In memory of Reggie Groover, 1997-2023. 

The realest Saiyan who ever lived.

If you guys want to help support his family, there is a GoFundMe currently going on at the time of this writing to help pay for his funeral.

Help his family and friends out in this difficult time and keep living your best life. Reggie would’ve wanted that. Link is right here.

Thank you all for reading this. I really liked Slick’s videos, and this was my way of processing my grief at his passing. 

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  1. I had only ever seen his work in the Gohanverse fan series. I really liked the character, and his voice. I didn’t know Slick/ Reggie beyond that. But seeing how many people’s lives he touched, and how devastated they are now that he’s gone- You know that he made the most of his life. He will be missed.

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