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Let the Edens Zero Speedrun Begin!

Edens Zero Chapter 223 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 223 Review/Recap

They’ve been reunited; they got the ship; they even got Witch back. Now it’s time Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy to reunite the rest of the Crew of Edens and find Mother before its too late. Let the Edens Zero speedrun begin!!!

Edens Zero Chapter 223 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Having reunited with Witch, the trio proceeds to tell her the abridged version of events: they’re from three years in the future, and they’re trying to save Mother. That doesn’t matter much to Witch, though, as she still pledges loyalty to Shiki. Shiki, though, makes her promise to not die in this universe. As the ship heads for Norma, Rebecca and Shiki acclimate to their situation. They both discover that they possess their Ether Gear from previous universes, but they lack the level of control they need. This leads to an…embarrassing situation. 

Edens Zero Chapter 223-Pino and Weisz Remember Everything
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

On Norma, they find the planet was still Chronophage’d, meaning that they can still find Weisz and Pino. They simply go to Weisz’s house and there he is with Pino, just like before. Once they cross paths again, their memories come right back. However, there’s a big difference this time. In Universe Zero, Weisz’s mother, who lost her life thanks to Drakken Joe, is still alive, giving Weisz the chance to have a tearful reunion.

Edens Zero Chapter 223-Weisz Has his Mom Back
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


This review’s going to be brief, as there’s not a lot for me to say about this chapter. Everything happened pretty much exactly how I thought it would play out. It seems to confirm some fan theories that only those aboard the Edens Zero will remember their past experiences, though. 

Edens Zero Chapter 223-Weisz's Mom is Still Alive!
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

I had a feeling that Weisz’s mother would be alive in Universe 0, as it fits with the trend of it giving people the lives they want the most. Happy never became a robot, and Weisz still has his Mom. Seeing him reunite with her was very heartwarming, but if he wants to keep her, then they’re going to have to take her with them when they leave Norma. 

That aside, it’s good to know that Shiki and Rebecca still have access to their advanced Ether Gear. It may take a while for them to reach the level of control they possessed in the previous Universe, but I also expected that.

Now comes the potentially hard part: Guilst. If they play this right, they can get Homura, Sister, Mosco, and even Jinn and Labilia in one fell swoop. Oh, and Couchpo, too. The amount of variables, though, is too much for me to predict what might happen. I just hope that they don’t have to outrun a Chronophage or deal with that perverted frog man again.

Not a lot to say about this chapter besides that.

I Give “Memories and Abilities” a 2.5/5

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