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Inside Job Axed by Netflix, Leaving Fans Outraged

Inside Job Canceled, Fans Angry

A Fan’s Reaction to the Cancellation of Inside Job

This past Sunday, the world of animation got rocked with the latest in a year-long series of bad news. Inside Job, one of the most popular shows on Netflix in recent memory, got canceled. Series creator Shion Takeuchi took to Twitter to confirm the sad truth.

Fans are…understandably upset about this.

Inside Job Could’ve Been an Adult Gravity Falls

Source-Variety, Netflix, Game of Nerds

Inside Job was an adult animated series that premiered on Netflix in late 2021. Set in a world where almost every conspiracy theory’s true, the show centered around anti-social super genius Reagan Ridley. With her (incredibly) dysfunctional team, she works for one of the companies that help to manage and cover up all those conspiracies. In other words, think of a funnier version of the SCP Foundation. 

Inside Job had a lot of upper-level talent behind it. Firstly, its creator, showrunner, and one of the executive producers, Shion Takeuchi, was a writer on Gravity Falls. Secondly, two other executive producers were the director for Bojack Horseman and Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls himself. The presence of the guy who created one of the cartoons that defined animation in the 2010s was enough to give Inside Job clout before its premiere. 

Once it came out, Inside Job lived up to the hype. It was hilarious, combining the tropes of the office sitcom with a level of weirdness that would make Dipper Pines squeal in delight. From shape-shifting reptiles living amongst humans to a colony of rogue astronauts living on the Moon, Inside Job knew how to get the most mileage out of the paranoid. It became one of the best shows on Netflix; when the new episodes got released, it was one of the top ten most-watched shows on the platform. 

Which only makes its sudden cancellation all the more infuriating.

Three Reasons Why Netflix’s Made a Mistake

Maybe there were issues regarding production behind the scenes, or some executives decided it was less popular than they thought. However, from an outside perspective, nothing about canceling Inside Job makes sense.

Firstly, the show was good. It was popular and had an active and growing fanbase on social media. It trended on Twitter when the second half of Season 1 came out in November. Why would Netflix can it when it was doing so well? It doesn’t make sense, and everyone knows it.

Secondly, Netflix had already renewed the show for a second season in June 2022. To backtrack and cancel the show like this would discourage people in the animation industry from wanting to work at Netflix. Instead, they could take their experience and ideas for potentially popular shows to the competition. 

This has led to an extreme backlash from the show’s sizable fanbase. I’ve checked on Twitter several times in the last 24 hours, and fans have been calling Netflix out, demanding an explanation or for the show to be renewed.


As a fan of Inside Job and animation, I find this entire thing extremely frustrating and disappointing. I hate seeing works of fiction end without any resolution. In addition, the last year has seen me grow more and more frustrated at how animation’s treated in the entertainment industry. Compounding this fact is that we can’t do anything beyond spreading the word online. It might not be enough to make Netflix renew Inside Job or let it migrate to another service, but it’s all we can do. 

My thoughts go out to Shion Takeuchi and her team. I hope they can finish Inside Job one day, but I still wish them the best in their work. As for me, I’m considering walking out on Netflix or for a good while. 

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