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The ‘Edens Zero’ Reunion Left Me in Tears!

Edens Zero Chapter 221-The Trio Back Together Again

Edens Zero Chapter 221 Review/Recap

I knew going into Universe Zero that we were nearing the end of Edens Zero. I knew that we would end up revisiting the events of the story from the very beginning. I thought I’d be prepared for it. After all, I’ve followed the story since the very first chapter. However, I was not prepared for how much I would cry. Well played, Mashima.

Edens Zero Chapter 221 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


In the Sakura Cosmos, a girl named Rebecca and her car companion, Happy, fly through space. As they near a planet with an abandoned theme park, their ship heads to it of its own accord. 

Edens Zero Chapter 221-Gravity Brings Three Friends Together Again
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

On the planet below, a boy named Shiki is hard at work on the robot inhabitants of the park. Right as he works on the robotic cat monster, his Ether Gear goes wild, leading him to have an encounter with the visiting Rebecca and Happy.

It’s then that they remember. Everything

All of their memories from the previous Universes come flooding back to them. They remember everything they’ve been through together across space and time. Left in tears, the three friends reunite, with Shiki asking them once more if they’ll be his friends. Rebecca doesn’t hesitate to say yes.

Edens Zero Chapter 221-Friends Again
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


I followed Edens Zero from day one, and I’ve seen everything its characters have gone through. From the heights of victory to dealing with crushing pain and loss, I saw it all. But seeing the events of the first chapter play out up to the moment when they remember everything? I may not have done it physically, but mentally, I could feel the tears in my eyes. The original trio had found each other again.

Firstly, though, I want to say that I appreciate the different way the chapter played out as opposed to the original. It was a clever way of treading new ground from a different perspective. And while things don’t play out the exact same way (Rebecca didn’t plan to go to Granbell), something ensured that they still met. Some might call it fate, and it might be, but I’d call it something else: gravity.

I believe that Shiki, without even realizing it, was using his Gravity Ether to bring him, Rebecca, and Happy back together. Beyond calling it fate, that’s the only explanation I’ve got. Once they reunited, that same Gravity Ether allowed them to remember everything they’ve been through. Or rather, everything their alternate selves went through as their memories got overwritten. We shouldn’t think too hard on it!

Regardless of how it happened, I believe that Shiki is the key to all of this. If his Ether Gear can draw in and restore memories of their alternate selves, then all Shiki has to do is find the Crew of Edens and their memories will return. However, something tells me that it won’t be that simple.

A Crossroads for Edens Zero Before the End

The way I see it, Hiro Mashima has two ways he can go from this point forward. One would be safer and would catch people up in time for the final battle, but risk re-treading an old path. The other is riskier and doesn’t guarantee everyone’s safety, but would be interesting to watch.

First option: Mashima can have Edens Zero speed run through an abridged retelling of the entire story thus far. Find the Edens Zero and all their crewmates, friends, and allies again and restore their memories. The added bonus would be that by restoring the memories of what happened, they could prevent the deaths of several characters. Characters like Witch, Elsie, Justice, Creed, even Valkyrie. However, readers would get bored of this pretty quickly, even if it meant getting to see deceased characters return.

The second option is riskier but could have a bigger payoff. Mashima could have everything differently from what Shiki and Rebecca know. Make it harder for them to locate some of the members like Weisz, Pino, Jinn, Kleene, and Laguna. Having Valkyrie never leave Homura, or Kurenai raised Homura on Sun Jewel as her enforcer. Anything could happen. However, that may take too long, and readers become impatient to see the final battle.

Regardless, I’m eager to see how Mashima plays this out. If he plays his cards right, this could be entertaining or a letdown. Sadly, though, we will have to wait until the New Year to see where Edens Zero goes from here. I’m still looking forward to it, though. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

I Give “Back in the Sky Where the Cherry Blossoms Dance” a 4.5/5

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  1. I definitely see more of the second option happening, but like you said- that could take a bit too long. Final Arcs tend to be the longer part of any story it seems, but….. that might be TOO much. And the other option- probably not…… at least; not “going through the story” like that. But we’ll be preventing some deaths going forward.
    I definitely feel like the Edens One is going to have some influence in Universe 0- being the Final Antagonist of the story. It may even bring some knowledge of what happens to influence the universe in its OWN way.
    It may end up using Muller(since Mashima said he wants to bring back that @$$hole one more time) and try to steal something from Hermit- like that Ether Optimizer the Shining Star’s have- and make its own body. Or heck; it could just steal Hermit’s since no one would be there to stop it.
    Same with Sister and maybe even Witch. Though I’m kind of expecting to learn about their Human Variants at some point.

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