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Rick and Morty: the Star Wars Christmas Special

Rick and Morty S6, Ep 10 Review

Two steps forward, one step back; it’s a term I like to use when fictional characters undergo development only to backslide partially. I’m mentioning this because after watching the season finale of Rick and Morty, I feel like an idiot. In my previous episode review, I kept asserting Rick was improving and trying to be a better grandson to Morty. It turns out that Justin and Dan played us! However, because they played us, the season finale was so good. That, and it made some jabs at Star Wars.

Just because I love something enough to stick with it doesn’t mean I won’t offer criticism. In hindsight, you can compare that to what happens with Rick and Morty in the finale.

Never Give a Kid a Real Lightsaber Without Proper Training

Rick and Morty S6, Ep 10-Rick Replaced Himself With a Robot
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

It’s Christmastime for the Smith family, and Rick’s acting nicer than ever, even giving Morty an actual, working lightsaber as a gift. What should a dream come true, though, turns into a nightmare when a mishap sends the blade tumbling towards the planet’s core. Morty’s desperate attempts to get it back reveal that the “Rick” who gave him the lightsaber is a robot. After being called “boring” by Morty last episode, Rick felt betrayed. Thus, he replaced himself with a nicer robot decoy that could be the grandpa Morty wanted. Meanwhile, he’s returned to his obsession with Rick Prime.

This could’ve been an easy way for the writers to make all of Rick’s character development null and void. It would’ve reduced Rick and Morty’s relationship to its absolute lowest. It might have even made the Smith family regress as a whole. Instead, the show chose to have that still matter. Rick tried to be better but wound up backsliding, much to Morty’s indignation. Morty’s so mad, he refuses to ask Rick or Rickbot for help, turning to President Curtis instead.

Rick and Morty S6, Ep 10-Rickbot Craves Death
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

From this point on, the episode starts throwing barbs at Star Wars and the fandom. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know how divisive and toxic the fandom can be. People gatekeep it, insist that they’re the true fans, and refuse to acknowledge certain pieces of media and dump on it. They even have President Curtis dump on the Sequel Trilogy and how it wasn’t that good. Things like this make me wonder why I am a fan of the franchise. 

The answer: I know how it can be better, and so can Rick.

Rick Can grow, But He Also Needs That Closure

Rick and Morty S6, Ep 10-Rick Remains Obsessed with Rick Prime
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

Like I said at the beginning, two steps forward, one step back. Rick has learned to let people in despite all the hardships he’s faced. However, he’s spent forty years looking for Rick Prime. That’s not something he can let go of, no matter how much he wants to. I may not like this obsession, but I understand where he’s coming from.

It’s like what I said about Star Wars. Even if things go bad with it, I’m not turning my back on it. I’ve seen what it can be when it’s good, and we’ve seen what Rick can be when he’s a good person. 

So, after a hilarious battle in space against the President (Rickbot doesn’t make it), Morty decides not to leave alone. He’s going to help Rick find Rick Prime. And that is where Season 6 ends

Let the Hunt Begin!

So, what do I think of the season finale of Rick and Morty? I loved it. I love the jabs at Star Wars, its varying degrees of quality, and the angry fans. I thought the Rickbot twist was the best of both worlds. And I love how Season 7 might see Rick and Morty start to hunt down the Rickest Rick of them all.

In addition, next year marks the show’s tenth anniversary. The fact that it’s still going strong after ten years is a testament to how great the show is. This season was one of the show’s best, and I’m hoping that next year can keep up that momentum. Rick and Morty forever and forever ten years of Rick and Morty!


Rick and Morty S6, Ep 10-Rick and Morty Season 7, Hunting Prime Rick
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

I Give “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation” a 5/5

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