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Universe Zero! The Hope of the Multiverse and Mother!

Edens Zero Chapter 219 Review/Recap

From the moment Shiki left Granbell behind, his goal in life has been to find Mother. That goal never changed, not even after his alternate self became Ziggy, or got possessed by an evil AI. However, it was the events on Lendard that gave the quest for Mother a new sense of urgency due to her death in all but one Universe. This chapter reveals just what might happen: Mother is dying, and they need to reach her before its too late. 

Edens Zero Chapter 219 Cover Page
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Having reunited with her parents, Rebecca formally introduces them to her crewmates. The two…go through a lifetime of parental bonding, much to Rebecca’s mild annoyance, since most of her friends are orphans. Her friends don’t mind, though. They’re happy she has another family. However, Rachel surprises them all by saying she’s going to return to her home planet to help what few survivors are left. But she plans to see them again in another world. She then drops a big bombshell: Mother is dying.

Edens Zero Chapter 219-Mother is Dying
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

According to Rachel, Mother’s life force is on the verge of going out. Since Mother is responsible for the creation of all life, when she dies, all life will soon follow. It’s the same in almost every Universe, save one: Universe Zero, the Universe of possibilities. Rachel tells Rebecca that the only way to do that is by either Rebecca or her powers or the power of the Edens Zero. However, since it’s the starting point for the multiverse, once they reach it, there’s no going back. They won’t be able to travel through time or the multiverse anymore. In other words, Universe Zero is the final world.

Edens Zero Chapter 219-Universe Zero, the Final World
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Well, I guess I can stop comparing this manga to One Piece now. While the initial premise is similar, One Piece doesn’t involve time travel or the multiverse. And while it may involve the fate of the world, it certainly doesn’t involve the fate of all life.

Edens Zero Chapter 219-Rachel Being a Mom
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Firstly, though, I really enjoyed seeing how awkward Rebecca was around her parents. I understand that they want to make up for lost time, but Rebecca’s a young adult now with her own life. They can’t get back the time they lost, but they can still look forward to the time they have. However, it’s bittersweet knowing that their current Universe may soon end. 

I don’t really understand why Mother is dying, but I imagine it will be revealed in due time. What matters is that right now, Shiki and the others need to reach Universe Zero first. If the Edens One makes it there, it could kill Mother and end all life in the Multiverse. Those are the highest possible stakes I can think of. They’ll need to push the Edens Zero to its absolute limits to get into Universe Zero, and I’m very curious to see how that happens. Until then, though, I just hope Rebecca can see her mom again. She deserves to meet her parents. 

Also, I really loved how Rachel immediately asked which of the guys was Rebecca’s boyfriend! Such a classic parent move!

I Give “The Final World” a 4/5

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