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Rachel Had a Good Reason for Leaving Rebecca

Edens Zero Chapter 218-Rebecca's Happy to Meet Her Mom

Edens Zero Chapter 218 Review/Recap

I’ve been trying to figure out what the deal is with Rebecca’s Mom. Is she really evil? Why’d she abandon her when she was young? Considering how we learned that Cure’s responsible for slandering her name, I’m glad that it’s not the case. Rebecca deserves to have a good mother, and Rachel fits that bill.

Edens Zero Chapter 218 Cover Page


After hearing the news that Rachel’s awake, Rebecca and Connor rush to the infirmary. It’s there that they find…this.

Edens Zero Chapter 218-Rachel Subdues Sister
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

After getting over the initial shock and letting Rachel calm down, the woman starts explaining everything. Rachel was born in the Yukino Cosmos to the family that led the Saintfire Church. They worshipped time, and the women of their family could control it. However, Rachel hated that life, so she fled to the Aoi Cosmos. There, she fell in love with Connor, and together, they had Rebecca. It was a happy time for her.

Edens Zero Chapter 218-Fanatics
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Then, the Saintfire Church Fanatics found her and killed Connor. Eventually, they also killed Rebecca. Rachel exhausted her powers trying to find the world where they could be safe together. However, the only one she found was the one where she returned to the Church and sent Rebecca away. She wasn’t even a member of the Oracion Seis Galactica. She inherited the title from her late mother, along with the name ‘Nox.’ 

Edens Zero Chapter 218-Rebecca's Grandma
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Rebecca has a lot to process regarding meeting her parents. She had Happy, so she was never lonely, but she was still glad to meet her parents. Despite herself, though, Rebecca breaks down and runs into her parent’s arms, letting them have the happy reunion they deserve.

Edens Zero Chapter 218-Family Reunion
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


So, to make a long story short, Rachel came from a group of religious types that she ran away from, only to return to save the life of her husband and daughter. That’s so sad. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand seeing religious groups or cults rob people of their happiness like this, regardless of the reason. Considering that Rachel had to watch Connor and Rebecca die countless times, it must have been terrible. However, if Ziggy was right, then the Saintfire Church is gone, meaning Rachel’s free to be with her family. 

In addition, the fact that Rebecca’s family can control time explains where she got her powers from. Maybe Rachel could teach Rebecca how to use them to their full extent. I have a feeling that they’ll be key to reaching Universe Zero, finding Mother, and stopping Edens One

Edens Zero Chapter 218-Yeah, Rachel is Rebecca's Mom
Yeah, she’s Rebecca’s Mom, alright. Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

I thought that this was a pretty good chapter of Edens Zero. Rebecca finally has her parents in her life, so her family’s even bigger now. And now we know where Rebecca gets her fighting personality from. Like mother, like daughter, it seems.

I Give “Saintfire” a 4/5

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  1. This was a very nice chapter. I like Rachel, so far; a lot happened to her- not all of it being within her control. I like that Mashima went the extra mile of having Rebecca still being a bit “jumbled up” about the whole situation; it shows that forgiveness for the parents who abandoned you is not so easily achieved- regardless of reasoning or how kind you are. It’s a nice detail.
    She can’t use her powers anymore, eh? Does that mean she no longer has power at ALL, or does it just mean that she can’t travel through time while still keeping Cat Leaper’s speed boost? Not clear on that one.
    So we’re definitely going to the Yukino Comos next, and then it’ll be time to journey to Universe 0. Will we go to Miltz first, or last? And how much of a threat will the Surviving Members of the Saintfire Church(’cause let’s face it; there are surviving Fanatics) be to the Edens Zero? Or…… could Rachel make them Allies?

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