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Happy Birthday, Charles Schulz


On this day, a hundred years ago, a little boy was born in Minnesota. That boy held a lifelong interest in drawing, and as he got older, he got really good at it. So, after serving his country in World War II, that boy, now a man, decided to turn it into a career.

The man started drawing comic strips for newspapers, and over time, people began to take notice of him. Eventually, he asked a big comic strip syndicate if he could do a strip for them that everyone could see. They said yes, and on October 2nd, 1950, his strip appeared in seven newspapers across the country. It started out small, but it kept growing and growing as more people learned about it. 

As the years went by, the man continued to work on his strip, and more people started to like it. Eventually, his strip got adapted into dozens of animated specials watched by millions all over the world. Everyone loved what the man drew. He even got a pair of spaceships named after two of his characters. The man became more successful than he ever thought possible.

The man loved drawing his strip, so much so that he kept doing it for fifty years. But eventually, the man grew old and tired, like many people do. Thus, he finally decided to retire…but he never got to enjoy it. He died hours before the final strip was published in thousands of newspapers worldwide. 

That man’s name was Charles Schulz, and the strip he created was named Peanuts.

Comic Strips Tribute to Charles Schulz 100th Birthday 2

Happy birthday, Charles Schulz!

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