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The King of Villains & Walking Disaster

MHA S6, Ep 7-Deku Holds Back Shigaraki

My Hero Academia S6, Ep 7 Review

Now this. This is what I’ve been waiting for with My Hero Academia. The war against the villains has descended into the biggest disaster Japan’s seen thus far. Nomu’s run rampant, the villains have the heroes divided, and everyone’s being pushed to their limits. And at the center of it all is Shigaraki, the King of Villains, and Gigantomachia, the walking disaster. 

This is so cool!

The King of Villains Rises

MHA S6, Ep 6-Deku Saves Eraser-Head
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Watchcartoononline

The downward spiral of pain and suffering for the heroes continues as they find themselves overwhelmed by the enemies before them. The only thing that’s holding Shigaraki back is Aizawa’s Quirk, and with so few heroes to protect him, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before it’s game over. 

One of my favorite tropes in a Shonen series is the moment when the young heroes charge in to save their elders, proving how much they’ve grown in the process. It’s always so inspiring to see how they’ve grown, and given what Shigaraki can do, Deku and Bakugo are right to intervene. The king of villains is too much for the adults to handle alone.

MHA S6, Ep 6-Midnight on her Last Legs
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Watchcartoononline

This trend of the younger heroes being forced to fight continues throughout the battlefield. As Gigantomachia makes his way to Shigaraki, the pro heroes can’t stop him. Worse, they end up in potentially deadly situations, leaving Midnight stranded as the PLF closes in. Did I also mention that the League of Villains is hitching a ride on Gigantomachia?

MHA S6, Ep 6-Mt. Lady Bested by Gigantomachia
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Watchcartoononline

Shonen Tropes 101: Give Side Characters Spotlight, Too!

One of my favorite things to see in a Shonen series is for the supporting cast to get chances to shine. The genre has improved over the years, and MHA is no exception. As a result, when the fight comes to the students, they don’t retreat. Yaoyorozu leads them in a counterattack to stop Gigantomachia. And I think that it’s going to work. The students of UA are strong enough to take on villains. It’s time for them to GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!

I’m looking forward to seeing if they can stop the bodyguard of the king of villains. 

MHA S6, Ep 7 Preview
Source-Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Watchcartoononline

I Give “Disaster Walker” a 4/5

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