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RIP Grandpa Ziggy! I Totally Called It, Mashima!

Edens Zero Chapter 214 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 214 Review/Recap

Dang it, Hiro Mashima. It’s like you’re not even trying at this point. I thought he was starting to throw us for a loop with his end to the Aoi War arc when he killed Witch for real. Then he went and had Ziggy kill Pino to make Shiki pull a Super Saiyan 2. However, I’ve read Mashima’s work to recognize when he’s following a pattern, which he was. At least he gave Grandpa Ziggy a proper send-off this time, while also burying the truth about his evil half for the future. 


  • Edens Zero Chapter 214-Grandpa Ziggy vs. Shiki
  • Edens Zero Chapter 214-The Faking

In a series of flashbacks, Shiki remembers how he was raised by his Grandpa Ziggy on Granbell. As he does so, he realizes his Grandpa Ziggy’s faking being evil, just like the residents of Granbell faked it all those years ago. Despite this (and Ziggy admitting it), Shiki has no intention of holding back. With his final, decisive attack, Shiki unleashes his full power on his Grandpa Ziggy, seemingly bringing an end to Demon King Ziggy once and for all. 

Edens Zero Chapter 214-Pino is Safe!
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

With Ziggy’s death, Pino’s revealed to be alive and fine, as she was teleported through Ziggy’s wormhole. She returns as Shiki looks over the spot where his Grandpa died once more. Now knowing that his Grandpa Ziggy was also an alternate version of himself, and his quest to reach Universe Zero, Shiki vows to see his alternate self’s mission through to the end, and save the Universe from extinction.


Once again, Mashima manages to both impress and disappoint me in the span of a single breath. On the one hand, I feel satisfied knowing that I called it about Ziggy faking it, even though it was obvious. On the other hand, that means that, once again, Mashima’s found a way to avoid a potentially devastating character death. I guess I should just be grateful that cute little Pino’s still alright.

As for Grandpa Ziggy, I’ve got mixed feelings about his apparent death. Firstly, I will not be surprised if he shows up at a later date, hence why I remain skeptical that he’s gone for good. Secondly, with Ziggy, Aconella, and Deadend Crow dead, the war for Lendard’s over, meaning Rebecca doesn’t need to summon a Chronophage. So, why am I still concerned?

We still don’t know who the true enemy behind all of this is, and that means something worse than Grandpa Ziggy’s going to show up. And the manga’s built Ziggy up as the big bad for so long, how will Mashima top him? Also, Ziggy’s death reminds me of how the hero from Mashima’s previous manga, Fairy Tail, lost his foster father figure. Mashima needs to stop borrowing from his previous works. It’s not a sign of good writing if he keeps doing that. Fingers crossed the reveal will be good.

Edens Zero Chapter 214-Goodbye, Grandpa Ziggy
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

I Give “As One…” a 3/5

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  1. You’re right, there’s no reason to go through with Operation Planet Eater. But…….. that wouldn’t be very “Interesting,” would it now? I don’t know what situation would force Rebecca’s hand like that, but……. IT’S GOTTA HAPPEN, right?! He wouldn’t have introduced the idea without paying it off, right?!
    Yeah, Mashima needs to stop all that. A few concepts here and there would be fine, but I shouldn’t be able to figure out where the story is going based on your past 2 series- that just shows a lack of improvement.

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