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Housing Complex C Episode 4-Kimi Says Goodbye to Housing Complex C

Housing Complex C Episode 4 Review

Okay, I didn’t expect things to turn out like that! But I guess that this means that all those theories about Kimi were true in the end. I think. Regardless, the finale to Housing Complex C dove right into the pool of Lovecraftian storytelling. In life, Lovecraft feared the unknown, and what greater unknown is there than the idea that some god might look at humanity and decide, “screw this. I’m out.”

That’s basically what happened in this finale. A god decided to quit on us. 

It’s Always Been Kimi

The finale episode opens with a final message from Taka, revealing some major bombshells about the story. It was Kimi at the center of it all. She isn’t the priestess of the story from before. In fact, much of what we suspected was a red herring. In truth, Kimi is a god. An actual god, whose been watching humanity for eons, judging them to see their worth. She even put Housing Complex C in a time stasis in the year 2000 to see if humans could live in harmony with each other.

Take a guess on how we’ve fared. Everything fell apart when Yuri’s family showed up. They’re not a normal family, but a bunch of demented killers who slaughtered everyone in a sacrifice to another god. Then they try to off Kimi while Kan tries to save her. The final nail in the coffin, though, comes when Yuri, who’s as crazy as her parents, tries to kill Kimi. 

It’s at this point that Kimi drops the sweet little girl act, puts on her big girl boots, and basically tells Yuri, “you done screwed up.” 

Kimi Calls it Quits

The climax of the finale has Kimi give Yuri and her family the riot act, saying that she knew who they were the whole time. She even turned the dead bodies into moss to keep people from getting scared, because all she wanted was for people to live in leave and be happy. Then Yuri’s family came, creating discord and strife, and Kimi can’t stand it. She’s been trying for millennia to see if humans can avoid screwing up, but they always seem to. 

Then Kimi basically says, “screw this. I’m done. I give up on you people.” Thus, Kimi kills the Koshide’s in a brutal fashion, and I’m so grateful that anime has desensitized me to this level of gore! Then she ends the stasis on Housing Complex C and the island, returning us to the present day. The island’s in ruins, everyone’s dead, and Kimi has gone to whatever plane of existence she came from.

However, not everyone died from what happened. Remember Rubel? He was smart enough to bail, and he got to live thanks to that. In addition, Kan, the man everyone thought might be a Deep One and the enemy, gets to survive. Thanks to his kindness and standing up for Kimi, she gave him some secret words that let him survive the end of Kimi’s test. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs therapy after everything.

An Interesting Take on Lovecraftian Horror

Some people might complain about the ending and say it doesn’t make sense. They’re not wrong, either. A lot of the plot details wound up being irrelevant. However, the main theme of Lovecraftian horror remained consistent. Lovecraftian horror is about the worst kind of threat people could face. Something so powerful and vast that we can’t even understand their motivations, let alone fight back. Imagine if Bill Cipher turned out to be real and showed up? That’s how bad things would get! That’s what makes Lovecraft’s works so…horrifying.

Despite everything, though, I think Kimi shouldn’t write humanity off as a whole. Kan proves that, for all our faults, there are always good people out there. It’s why I haven’t given up on humanity, myself. Then again, Kimi’s seen it all, so this can be her judgment call. I can’t blame for getting fed up with people’s bull and deciding to quit, though. 

Regarding horror, Housing Complex C was a compelling story about the nature of the unknown. The twist ending wasn’t something I expected, and while I think it could’ve been better executed, it was still riveting to watch. I’ll probably rewatch it next Halloween. Until then, though, this is the end of the line for Housing Complex C. Sayonara, Kimi.

I Give “End of the Line” a 4.5/5

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