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Clash of the D’s! The Worst Generation Battles!

One Piece Chapter 1064-The Straw Hats New Looks

One Piece Chapter 1064 Review/Recap

Long-time readers and viewers of One Piece know that when someone with the initial D gets involved in something, it will end up being big. When two carriers of the D end up going toe-to-toe, though, it can lead to a world-changing event. That’s what happened when Ace and Blackbeard fought, and now we’ve got Law vs. Blackbeard. Two members of the Worst Generation clashing in a no-holds-barred fight! 

Someone pass the popcorn!

One Piece Chapter 1064 Cover Page-In color!
Source-TCB Scans, Viz Media, Shonen Jump


One Piece Chapter 1064-Blackbeard vs. Law

The battle between the members of the Worst Generation erupts. As Law faces off against Blackbeard himself, the Heart Pirates protect their submarine, the Polar Tang, and hold off his subordinates. Despite being part of the Blackbeard Pirates and having Devil Fruit powers, the Heart Pirates do more than hold their own. They manage to go on the offensive and attack the enemy ship. Despite proving to be stronger than he thought, though, Blackbeard refuses to back down. 

One Piece Chapter 1064-Law's Fight with Blackbeard
Source-TCB Scans, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Meanwhile, back on Egghead island, Luffy’s group evades the Pacifista, thanks to Bonney aging them all up or down. Bonney and Jinbei use the moment to discuss her father’s past, how he came to be captured by the World Government, and what made him agree to let Vegapunk turn him into a cyborg. Regardless, Bonney says that the awful things people say of him are lies and that she holds Vegapunk responsible for mentally killing him and intends to kill him for it. 

One Piece Chapter 1064-Luffy's Group Aged Up and Down
Source-TCB Scans, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

As for the other Straw Hats, Lillith takes them and the Sunny to Vegapunk’s Research Stratum, an artificial sky island above Egghead Island. After changing into new threads, the group prepares to Vegapunk himself. However, the main Vegapunk admits in a conversation that he doesn’t expect to live much longer as he’s talking to…Dragon!?!?

One Piece Chapter 1064-The Straw Hats New Looks
Source-TCB Scans, Viz Media, Shonen Jump


As usual, there’s a lot for us to unpack for this chapter. Let’s start with the simplest and work our way up as we deal with the Worst Generation causing more storms.

The Worst Generation Clashes in the New World!

One Piece Chapter 1064-Pudding is Not Afraid
Source-TCB Scans, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Firstly, it looks like our theories about Pudding were right. Amidst the chaos of Germa 66 trying to flee Big Mom’s territory, Aokiji kidnapped her. Blackbeard must hope that he can use her latent ability to read the Poneglyphs for himself. Whether she can, though, is another matter entirely.

Also, contrary to rumors, this chapter doesn’t confirm Big Mom’s dead. Good; I won’t buy it unless I see the body or proof, like with Absalom. As for Pudding, this means that she and Sanji might reunite soon. 

Secondly, it looks like we underestimated the Heart Pirates as a whole; given how we’ve never seen them fight before, it’s not entirely our fault. Still, I was surprised at how good they are at underwater warfare. Furthermore, Law seems to hold his own against Blackbeard fine for now. Despite this, though, I know Law’s fighting an uphill battle. Blackbeard’s part of the Worst Generation for a good reason.

One Piece Chapter 1064-Heart Pirates Masters of the Water
Source-TCB Scans, Viz Media, Shonen Jump

Egghead Island, Vegapunk, Kuma, and Bonney

Lastly, we have what’s going on at Egghead Island. It was funny to see Luffy’s group get aged up and down; nice reference to those SBS drawings Oda did for fans. As for Bonney and Kuma, I’m looking forward to learning more about their past and how Kuma came to become a cyborg. There has to have been a reason behind it, because we know Vegapunk’s not a bad person. He did let Kuma guard the Sunny for two years as his last act as himself. 

There might be a reason to it all, though. The last panel reveals Punk Shaka speaking to Dragon. Given his level of morality, it’s possible that Vegapunk’s been secretly aiding Dragon and the Revolutionaries behind the World Government’s back. Given how they arrested him for his research and refuse to fund him, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, what does he mean when he says he might die soon? 

There’s three ways this could happen. First, Vegapunk might be dying of old age. That, or he thinks that CP0 will kill him. Or perhaps Bonney, though I don’t think she’ll go through with it once she learns more. I don’t want to lose Vegapunk after we finally met him. He’s too cool to die now!

Regardless, it looks like we need to wait another two weeks to learn what happens. The upside is that this means the next chapter’s going to be amazing. As amazing as the outfits the Straw Hats now have! 

I Give “Egghead’s Research Stratum” a 4/5

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