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‘Housing Complex C’ Makes Less Sense Now!

Housing Complex C, Ep. 3-The Kurokado Shrine Found

Housing Complex C Episode 3 Review

Okay, what is happening at this point in Housing Complex C? First, people start turning into piles of moss. Then, we find piles of dead animals everywhere. Now, we have a severed dog’s head in a pot of syrup? I’m not even sure who’s responsible for what’s going on at this point, you guys! However, what I do know is that there’s an ancient curse on Housing Complex C, one that ties back to the legends and visions from the first two episodes.

Paranoia Grips Everyone

So, following the discovery of the severed dog head in the syrup, the wheel, as Takashi puts it, turns full circle. In other words, the residents of Housing Complex C hate each other more than ever. It takes everything Kimi has to keep violence from erupting! Now both the reisdents and interns have started to form night watches, which only increases the divide even further.

Housing Complex C, Ep. 3-Kimi Becomes Sad
Source-Twitter, Toonami

Amidst all of this is the mystery surrounding the lore of the island. There’s the vision of those girls being slaughtered by outsiders and the song about the moss maiden. In addition, there’s the fact that people keep turning into moss themselves. Even as things spiral out of control, Takashi remains focused on learning the truth behind the story of Kurokado.

It may already be too late for the Housing Complex, though. Kan’s once again the subject of suspicion, while his friend Rubel decides to pack his bags and leave. I don’t blame Rubel, either. Even if the distrust weren’t at a fever pitch, it’s clear something bad’s happening at the Housing Complex.

Housing Complex C, Ep. 3-A Curse?
Source-Twitter, Toonami

Is Kimi Hiding Something?

Then, we have Kimi. On the surface, she seems like a sweet little girl. However, the anime’s dropped several clues that she’s the moss maiden spoken about in the song. This week, though, we got an even bigger indication that Kimi might know more about what’s happening than she lets on.

Housing Complex C, Ep. 3-An Ancient Story
Source-Twitter, Toonami

As Yuri, Kimi, and Kan search for Takashi, they retrace his footsteps to discover what he found: the Kurokado shrine from the local legends was located underneath what’s now Housing Complex C. In addition, Yuri and Kimi discover some wall paintings that give us a rough idea of what happened in the past. Essentially, this group of Deep One expy’s emigrated to the island, and began sacrificing themselves to appease their deceased god. If you add in the vision from the first episode, then outsiders learned about this practice and attacked them. That’s all I really know about, though.

Housing Complex C, Ep. 3-Another Tenant Missing
Source-Twitter, Toonami

That, and it seems like those who learn the truth for themselves get cursed and turn into moss. Firstly, we have Hideo and that other man. Now, we have Takashi, reduced to a pile of moss, with only Kimi aware of his fate.

What Will Happen in the Finale?

The evidence keeps stacking up, people. Kimi seems to know on some level what’s happening at Housing Complex C. Plus, there’s also the fact that her “mom” is some kind of fetus-creature.

Housing Complex C, Ep. 3-Kimi's Mom?
Source-Twitter, Toonami

Overall, I felt thoroughly confused by this episode, with it leaving me with more questions than answers. Considering this is a four-part miniseries, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Housing Complex C will have to stick the landing next week for me to give it a good review. At least it will make for good rewatching for Halloween, though.

I Give “The Wheel Has Come Full Circle” a 3.5/5

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