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‘Housing Complex C’ Ramps Up the Paranoia!

Housing Complex C Ep 2-"Syrup"

Housing Complex C Episode 2 Review

I’m normally not one for the horror genre, but every now and then, I’ll make an exception if I think I’ll enjoy it. In this case, I’m glad I made an exception for Housing Complex C, the horror mini-series airing on Toonami. With it’s use of Lovecraftian elements, good visuals, and the feeling of dread and suspense, it makes for an interesting story. That said, it’s not going to be for everyone, as it’s what I would call a “slow-burning” kind of horror. 

Tensions Run High

Housing Complex C Ep 2-Hideo's Moss Pile
Source-Twitter, Toonami

Picking up where the first episode left off, the residents of Housing Complex C deal with the disappearance of Hideo. All they found in his room was a weird pile of moss that the police blame on the humidity. It’s clear, though, that this wasn’t a natural occurrence. Something’s afoot, and tensions run high between the residents and the foreign interns. It also doesn’t help that the elderly woman keeps disrespecting the interns customs. Ignorance leads to misunderstanding and fear.

Housing Complex C Ep 2-Don't Be Mean
Source-Twitter, Toonami

The Song is a Clue

Housing Complex C Ep 2-Moss Maiden
Source-Twitter, Toonami

While Kimi and Yuri try to break the tension by gathering things for a shaved ice party, the audience hears a certain story related to the local lore. While the song telling the story itself seems a little weird, it foreshadows what’s going in the Housing Complex. A story about a black-haired king served by foreigners that came from a nameless sea. However, it’s the last verse that should get the most attention. It speaks of a maiden wrapped in verdant moss, a referee eating a salmon, and praying to heaven while people are nice.

You have to hear the song itself, but here’s what I was able to get from it: everything that’s happening is part of some ancient legend of Kurosaki, and Kimi’s at the center of it all. She’s the king who wants everyone to be happy and get along. In other words, the moss is some kind of supernatural thing, and it’s either killing the residents or making them disappear. Either way, it’s not good for anyone.

Then there’s the salmon. While everyone’s getting ready for the party, the adults find piles of dead salmon lying around. Despite their suspicions, it appears that the interns aren’t responsible for it, though doesn’t explain everything. Especially since things escalate with the discovery of more dead animals in the woods. 

Don’t Eat the Syrup!

Everything comes to a head on the day of the shaved ice party. At first, it goes well, and everyone seems happy. Until one of the adults (Kentaro Yoshii) finds this in the syrup.

Housing Complex C Ep 2-Dead Dog
Source-Twitter, Toonami

Meanwhile, another pile of moss is found in another apartment as another resident goes missing. 

At first, this doesn’t seem scary. However, as I was watching, I was struck by a thought: this was a slow-burning horror story. The reason it works so well is because the audience remains in the dark about what’s going on. Our minds start to come up with explanations, and as the story progresses, the paranoia grows. By the time we hit the climax, we’re as scared as the characters in the story. 

In other words, Housing Complex C knows how to scare us. I don’t know how things will end, but I doubt it will be a happy ending for anyone. I eagerly await the next part. 

I Give “Mismatched Buttons” a 4/5

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