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Mirko, the Killer Rabbit Girl, Rises!!

MHA S6, Ep 2-Mirko the Badass

When people think of bunny girls, certain images come to mind. They either see young anime waifu’s dressed in bunny girl outfits. Or they may see girls who are actual, humanoid bunnys. Either way, it feels like the last thing that anyone would think of would be a bunny girl that’s capable of being absolutely, brutally savage. However, My Hero Academia’s resident bunny girl, Mirko, casts that notion aside. She’s absolutely brutal! Like all the violence of Watership Down in human form.

Look up Watership Down. For a story about rabbits, it’s very, very violent.

As the raid on Jaku Hospital begins in full, both sides scramble to gain the advantage. On one side are the heroes led by Endeavor. On the other side are a horde of Nomu created by All for One’s mad scientist, Dr. Garaki. Much like the one Endeavor fought before, some of these Nomu are smart enough to talk. It’s just proof of how messed up the whole concept of the Nomu is. 

Fortunately, the High-End Nomu are no match for the likes of Mirko, the demon rabbit. 

MHA S6, Ep 2-Mirko's Final Moves
Source-WatchCartoonOnline, Crunchyroll, Shonen Jump

When most people see rabbits, they see something that’s small, timid, and quick to run in the face of danger. However, their nature belies the fact that their back legs are crazy strong! Now, imagine if you took that and gave it to a human, and you’d end up getting Mirko. 

MHA S6, Ep 2-Mirko the Badass
Source-WatchCartoonOnline, Crunchyroll, Shonen Jump

Mirko won fans over quickly in the manga due to her tough-as-nails demeanor and the fact that she’s No. 5 hero in Japan. Seeing her use her powerful legs to tear Garaki’s precious Nomu to shreds is like seeing a female version of Sanji, only cooler! I can totally see why the fans consider Mirko a top-tier waifu! I don’t quite remember what happens to her in the manga, but I think she beats Dr. Garaki to a bloody pulp, something that I can’t wait to see.

MHA S6, Ep 2-The Heroes Mobilize
Source-WatchCartoonOnline, Crunchyroll, Shonen Jump

Mirko’s not the only hero that gets to shine, though. As the other heroes storm the Paranormal Liberation Front’s hideout, they’re almost taken out by this villain with an electrical Quirk. However, Kaminari, who’s up near the front with everyone else, manages to put a stop to that with his own powers.

MHA S6, Ep 2-Kaminari's Improved Power
Source-WatchCartoonOnline, Crunchyroll, Shonen Jump

One trope that I love about the shonen genre is getting to see the power growth of the characters. We get to see them do things that, at one point, would be too much for them. In Kaminari’s case, he absorbs all of that electricity without going dumb on them. He’s going to make a great hero one day. All of the people in the hero course of UA are.

First, though, they’ve got to survive what’s essentially a baptism of fire. Now, the Hero Course has had several baptisms of fire since they started going to UA, but not on this scale. Especially since Garaki’s now focusing all of his attention on getting Shigaraki ready for his ultimate evolution. When that happens, everyone’s going to be in trouble.

In the next episode, though, the character I’m worried about the most is Twice. I said before, but I can’t hate the man. He’s a good person at heart, and, if you read the manga, then you know what’s going to happen to him in this season. No spoilers, though! GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!!

MHA Season 6, Ep 3 Preview
Source-WatchCartoonOnline, Crunchyroll, Shonen Jump

I Give “Mirko, the No. 5 Hero”

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