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So Everyone one Lendard Might be Sus?

Edens Zero Chapter 210-Everyone Could Be Sus

Edens Zero Chapter 210 Review/Recap

So, first, you’re telling me that Ziggy, the one that Shiki’s been fighting half of the story now, might not even be the real big bad? Not only that, but I was right about Ziggy not truly being evil. However, it would seem that I was wrong about him having a split personality. According to Ziggy, someone on-planet is sus. And that sus person is the real enemy that’s responsible for everything. The question is, who is it?

Edens Zero Chapter 210 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 210-Ziggy Was Overtaken By Another Enemy
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

With the clock running before evil Ziggy returns, Grandpa Ziggy has to explain everything fast. Firstly, it’s less like he has a split personality, and more like someone took over his body after he died. 

Edens Zero Chapter 210-The Imposter Stops Ziggy from Spoiling
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Secondly, it’s explained that he doesn’t even remember anything from the future beyond what his evil counterpart told him. After leaving Planet Eden, the Edens Zero was attacked by a Chronophage. It wrecked his ship and landed him in Universe 1 on the planet that he then named Granbell. Forgetting his mission, he built Granbell Park and its Machines, before he finally rebuilt his ship and left to find Mother. However, he can’t tell Shiki where he found him. What he does tell him is that the true evil behind his return is on Lendard. He can’t say the name, though, and it drives him to tears as he begs Shiki once more to kill him while he still has control of himself. 


Edens Zero Chapter 210-The Imposter Stops Ziggy from Spoiling
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Okay, to recap everything that we’ve learned: someone on Lendard is sus and responsible for what happened to Ziggy, and thus, everything that’s happened since then. The problem is, while we know that someone on Lendard is sus, we have no idea who’s sus!

Edens Zero Chapter 210-Elsie's Fury
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Hermit seems to have an idea about who might be sus, but I have no clue. In addition, despite the fact that the chapter ends with an image of Elsie, I don’t entirely believe that it might be her. It would be a really surprising twist, considering how Elsie’s based on the heroic Erza Scarlet. That would be a massive surprise for longtime fans of Mashima’s work. Until we see the proof, though, I won’t make any judgements. Mashima could be messing with us.

At the very least, Mashima did explain how Ziggy got back to the past.

I Give “The True Enemy” a 4/5

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