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Wait, Connor is Who’s Dad?!?!

Edens Zero Chapter 209 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 209 Review/Recap

When we were introduced to this Universe’s version of Captain Connor and learned his backstory, a few theories went around. Fans heard about how Connor lost his wife and child years ago and went to the stars to search for them, which got people’s gears turning. Pretty soon, that theory started spreading around Reddit like crazy. It turns out fans were right on the money. The theory about Connor and his long-lost family is true. 

Side note: I like Sister’s outfit on this cover.

Edens Zero Chapter 209 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha, MangaSee


Having wiped Cure/Dead End Crow from existence, the Edens Zero and Oracion Seis Interstelar their victory over the evil robot. However, they also believe Cure managed to dupe them all for a decade. 

In the meantime, Homura returns with the Moms of Edens Zero, much to the crew’s surprise. The surprise only continues when Connor recognizes Rebecca’s Mom. Because, as it turns out…Saintfire Nox is his long-lost wife. 

In other words, Rebecca is Connor’s daughter! 

The Stars of Edens figured it out for themselves. 

As for Pino, she reveals her plan to stop Ziggy. When Ziggy hacked into her CPU, he left a data trail. As Shiki guessed, Ziggy did know he’d go nuts, and so left the key to a certain EMP frequency to Pino, one that can affect him. As a result of that, Pino manages to enter Overdrive, and hits Ziggy with the full blast of her EMP, returning him to the original, friendly personality of his past life. It’s only a temporary effect, though, as Ziggy then asks Shiki and Pino to kill him.


Well, what do you know? I guess the fan theory about Connor being Rebecca’s father was right! On the one hand, that makes it awesome that fans predicted that. On the other hand, that makes his time in the ship’s baths with Rebecca and Homura  even more uncomfortable than it already was. It also makes the fact that the Connor in the previous Universe tried to kill them even worse.

This revelation only creates more mysteries regarding the overarching story. How were Rebecca and her Mom separated from Connor? Why was Rebecca left abandoned on Bluegarden as a child? There’s more to this story, and I hope that we can learn more about it soon. Also, this means that Rebecca has another family to spend time with.

As for Ziggy, it looks like Shiki’s idea that his counterpart knew he’d go insane was right. That also means that, technically, my theory about Ziggy not really being evil ended up being right as well. It seems that Ziggy’s developed a split personality: the good half that raised himself and the one wants to destroy humanity. How this came to be, is anybody’s guess. However, I’m hoping we learn the truth soon. This is getting interesting.

As for how Cure covered his tracks…I don’t care. At all. 

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I Give “Renewed Time” a 3.8/5

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  1. Yeah…….. I don’t think Mashima thought out the pervy scenes with Connor too well. Like; wasn’t he checking out Rebecca on Dahlia? OOF!
    The internet was down where I am, so I wasn’t able to review this chapter. But I did incorporate my thoughts on the last 2 chapters in the review for chapter 210. I talk about the Connor stuff, my thoughts on Crow, and more.
    Pino’s Overdrive……. wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting a mechanical version of her Human form. But the design we got was fine, too.
    Series looks like it’s getting better. Hoping it keeps this momentum!!

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