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MonthOctober 2022

Edens Zero Chapter 213 Cover Page

Stop Using Death to Toy With us, Mashima!

Edens Zero Chapter 213 Review/Recap So, there’s this trend that can be found in Hiro Mashima’s manga regarding character death, and it’s not one I’d praise him for following. His previous work, Fairy … Continue Reading Stop Using Death to Toy With us, Mashima!

The Owl House Season 3, 1st Special Title Card

I Wasn’t Ready for Trauma With The Owl House Halloween Special!

As The Owl House enters its third and final season, one shortened to three forty-minute specials, it’s clear that the big theme is dealing with the trauma Luz and her friends have gone through. Given how the show’s an animated horror, it seems only fitting that the first special is a Halloween one.

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