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Harley Quinn Season 3: Worth the Wait!

Harley Quinn Season 3 Promo Image

Harley Quinn Season 3 Review

You know, when the new season of Harley Quinn came out, I debated whether I wanted to cover it or not. After all, thanks to COVID-19, it had been two years since Season 2. That, and I’ve been busy with other stuff. And I’m semi-boycotting HBO Max for how it’s treated cartoons. However, no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t say away from the crazy for long. And Harley Quinn is as crazy as ever.

So, here we are, with Season 3 over, trying to reflect on what can only be described as The Venture Bros. meets a DC Universe high on acid. And while it’s still hilarious, it also has some unexpected moments.

Harley and Ivy are Back, Baby!

Harley Quinn Season 3-HarlIvy
Source-HBO Max,

After becoming an official couple at the end of Season 2, Harley and Ivy go on a globe-trotting “Eat, Bang, Kill” tour before returning to Gotham. Harley wants to be the best girlfriend Ivy could ever ask for, but it’s easier said than done. Especially considering how Ivy’s the one going through her own problems.

Until now, Ivy’s role has been that of the rock in Harley’s life, providing the emotional support she needs. Yeah, there was her thing with Kiteman, but that was secondary to Harley’s needs. And with Harley more stable than ever, Ivy can’t help but feel like…her life’s been a total failure. This leads to her deciding to get back to basics with her biggest plan ever: terraforming Gotham City into a new Garden of Eden, now concrete-free.

Except for their favorite pizza-place, LOL. 

Role-Reversal at its Funniest

In a nutshell, Harley and Ivy’s roles are reversed, with Ivy being the one dealing with her problems and Harley being there for her like she was for her. As the season progresses, Ivy’s plan hits a huge snag when someone kidnaps Frank, her talking plant key to all of this. The rest of the season involves her trying to get him back without freaking out.

Ivy’s not the only one who’s going through stuff, though.

Mayor Joker, and That’s Not the Craziest Thing

Harley Quinn Season 3-Mayor Joker
Source-HBO Max,

At the end of the last season, Jim Gordon, fed up with being unappreciated by Gotham, let’s Two-Face talk him into running for Mayor. It’s obvious that the attention-starved Jim’s being used as a puppet by the power-hungry Two-Face. As a result, Jim’s willing to stoop to the gutter to win, even if the Mayor gets a pole shoved in his chest from a freak accident…and dies in the hospital several episodes later.

Meanwhile, the Joker’s committed to his new life as a semi-retired villain and stepdad to his girlfriend’s kids. And despite being THE JOKER, this version is actually a good parent. So much so that he decided to run for mayor just to get them a better education. And whereas other versions would use this as a chance to outlaw Batman, Joker just taxes the one percent. 

It almost makes you think that he’s trying to say something about how America’s run. Oh, and he fires Gordon. 

Batman Needs Some Therapy

Harley Quinn Season 3-Bruce Wayne Needs Therapy
Source-HBO Max,

Lastly, the person that goes through the most change is none other than Batman himself. Until now, Batman’s been more of a side character in Harley Quinn. However, season three changes all of that, as the show does something that few incarnations of the Caped Crusader do. Harley Quinn…has Batman deal with his emotional trauma. 

No, I’m not joking. A lot of incarnations of the Dark Knight either downplay the trauma of his parents’ deaths or don’t do much beyond using it as the motivation to his unstoppable will. This Batman, or rather, Bruce Wayne isn’t able to do that as well anymore. Having gone through a breakup with Selina, though, the loneliness gets to him like never before. So, he kidnaps Frank, modifies his powers, and uses him in a crazed attempt to bring back his parents. 

Harley Quinn Season 3-Bruce's Repressed Blame Over His Parents Deaths
Source-HBO Max, Screenrant

If there’s ever been an argument that Batman needs genuine therapy, then this show is making it. Bruce Wayne needs therapy! I know it, the fans know it, everyone knows it. This version of Bruce blames himself for his parents deaths by making them walk through Crime Alley. He was just a kid; how was he supposed to know that they would actually get shot at? 

A New Leaf for Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Season 3-Harley Quinn and Batman
Source-HBO Max, Screenrant

Thankfully, Harley’s character growth makes her realize how important Batman is, and that he needs professional help. So, after stopping his plans, she becomes his therapist, a position that seems to stick as the season ends. Not only that, but her role in saving Gotham makes everyone see her as a hero.

By season’s end, the status quo’s been changed once more. Joker’s the legal mayor of Gotham, Bruce gets arrested for tax evasion (and the plant zombie thing), Ivy’s been tapped to lead the Legion of Doom in Gotham…and Harley’s now part of the Bat Family.

I knew that this would happen since the end of Season Two when Harley realized that she didn’t want to be a villain. She made a great villain, but things changed for her, which seems to be the theme of this whole season. Despite this, though, Harley and Ivy decide to commit to their relationship, regardless of what side of the law they’re now on. Only time will tell if that actually sticks.

Overall, Harley Quinn remains absolutely hilarious. It’s one of the raunchiest adult-animated shows out there, and nothing can change my mind about that. Not even my current disdain for HBO Max. 

Also, this hits differently since Queen Elizabeth’s now dead.

Harley Quinn Season 3-Selfie With the (Late) Queen

I Give Season 3 of Harley Quinn a 4/5. But Warner Bros Discovery Gets a 1/5

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  1. WOW! I missed a LOT! Oh man…… This show just sounds like it got BETTER. I always love it when a show manages to shake up it’s status quo- be it short term or long term. It’s just nice seeing things change as time goes on.
    Harley’s evolution has been so good, I can’t wait to see where Ivy ends up. This has to be one of DC’s best shows in a long time. I hope they can keep up this quality….. or at least the chance to. Please- Don’t write this show off, WB…..

      • The main thing I want back is “Infinity Train;” it ended in a way that they could just pick up from- especially since it’s an anthology series! I want all of the other shows back(particularly “Final Space” and “Close Enough”), but if I had to pick- that would be the one.
        And that sounds like a good idea- much more, uh…… feasible and- let’s be honest- LEGAL than storming their headquarters. I don’t know how much money they need, but I know it’s in the Billions place. Like- TENS of billions. I don’t know how much money would be raised, but it’s gonna take a minute………..

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