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Two Beths & A Jerry Make Out. That’s All I Need to Say

Rick and Morty S5 Episode 3-Space Beth Drops the Bombshell

Rick and Morty S6, Ep 3 Review

You know, when Rick and Morty first introduced Space Beth, I remember thinking, “Wow. Suddenly there are two Beths in one universe? Jerry’s going to love this.” It took an extra season, but I turned out to be right. Jerry did end up loving it…and the two Beths. In this low-stakes episode of Rick and Morty, two Beths and a Jerry explore their relationship. Everyone else tries not to cringe.

Me? I’m mentally laughing my butt off at having called it.

Two Beths Eating Ice Cream and Chilling

Like Space Beth promised, she’s visiting her double’s family on Earth more often, including for Thanksgiving weekend. After a quick nod to Rick turning into a turkey for a Federal Pardon (again), it’s all about the Beths.

The Beths have gotten closer with each appearance since both allow themselves to see what their lives would be like if they chose to stay or leave their family behind. This episode, though, sees them really bond together. And then…this happens.

Rick and Morty S5 Episode 3-Self-Love or the Ultimate Narcissisms?
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

I don’t know if this is an example of literal self-love or just incredible narcissism. Either way, it took me for a loop, and I never let go. It’s both fascinating to watch, yet also new kinds of cringe.

Everyone Tries Not to Tell Jerry

Everyone reacts differently to the Beths new relationship. Morty and Summer do what many teens would do in this situation: use video games as a form of escapism. This made for some pretty solid jokes about gaming, especially how hyper-realism could suck the fun out of them. Rick, surprisingly, gives some sage advice, having done something similar in his younger years: don’t let it take over your life, or it will affect everything else. Like Jerry.

Jerry remains clueless as usual until Space Beth flat-out tells him. And he completely shuts down into his shell. Literally.

Two Beths and a Jerry Do…Stuff.

Rick and Morty S5 Episode 3-Jerry is Cool With the Beths Relationship
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

So, remember what I said about Jerry would love having two Beths? I said it with the implication that this would lead to a 3-way relationship. I called it because it turns out Jerry’s more upset that the Beths didn’t tell him rather than them cheating on him with themselves. He’s cool with it.

In the funniest moment of the whole episode, we listen from Rick, Morty, and Summer’s perspectives as the conversation evolve into what is a three-way. Everyone cringed at this, with Morty begging Rick to fix the Portal Gun. Even Rick cringes from the whole thing.

I wasn’t. I laughed my butt off over being right about Jerry and the Beths.

Rick and Morty S5 Episode 3-Everyone Cringes at Two Beths and a Jerry
Source-Twitter, Adult Swim

This Episode is So Cringe, and I Loved it!

The episode ends with Space Beth going back into space, and there’s no indication that this relationship will last. However, the damage has been done, and it’s hilarious! This was the slowest episode of the season thus far, but I think it will be the one I might remember the most. It’s just so crazy that two Beths and Jerry did that. The fans will go nuts over this with the writing and artwork.

That, and I loved the video game jokes. Those were funny.

Rick and Morty S6 Ep 5-If Final Fantasy Was Realistic.
Source-Comicbook, Adult Swim

I Give “Bethic Twinstinct” a 4.5/5

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