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Cure, I Don’t Care About Your Stupid Reasons!

Edens Zero Chapter 207-Holy Sucker punches Cure

Edens Zero Chapter 207 Review/Recap

Last chapter, we learned two big pieces of information regarding the antagonists. Firstly, Pino revealed that Ziggy hacked into her CPU and unwittingly used it to spy on the Crew of Edens. Secondly, we discovered the power source behind Deadend Crow was, in fact, a traitor. Cure of the Oracion Seis Interstellar is behind the monstrous machine, something that I was not happy to learn.

This week, we hear Crow and his rationale behind all of this…and it makes me want to punch him. Really, really hard!

Edens Zero Chapter 207 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


Edens Zero Chapter 207-Cure is the Real Deadend Crow
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

In the fight against Crow, the Crew of Edens nears its breaking point. Kleene’s knocked out and Jinn’s barely hanging in there. As for Holy, her initial joy at the sight of Crow turns to horror when he attacks her. 

Edens Zero Chapter 207-Cure Was Behind Nero and Drakken Joe
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Revealing himself to be the one who created Crow, Cure says that he did it for balance. Cute goes on a monologue, saying that for light to shine brightly, there must always be darkness. So he created threats for the OSI to defeat, as well as the heroes who would defeat them. He gave Nero and Drakken Joe their powers, and then let them be vanquished. He also gave Elsie and Nox bad reps to make them villains.

Beyond pissed from learning that Cure slaughtered a million people on her homeworld, her younger sister among them, Holy reacts appropriately.

Edens Zero Chapter 207-Holy Sucker punches Cure
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

At the same time, Kleene awakens and starts using her canceller, giving Holy and Jinn their Ether Gear back. Holy then attacks Cure in a rage, which leaves Crow slower and vulnerable to the Edens Zero’s main cannon. 

Edens Zero Chapter 207-Power's Back
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


*Takes a deep breath*

Cure…I honestly couldn’t care about your reasons.

Edens Zero Chapter 207-Cure is About "Balance"
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

I honestly couldn’t care less why you decided to play both sides like this. Nor do I care why you think there must be balance like this. Because right now, all I’m hearing from your stupid mouth is self-serving. HOT. GARBAGE.

Does Cure even understand how many lives he’s ruined? If he gave Drakken Joe his powers, then everything we went through with him is retroactively this guy’s fault. There’s a universe where Shiki’s dead, thanks to Joe, and the others suffer fates worse than death. I still shudder remembering what happened then!

Moreover, what Cure says about extinguishing the darkness of Joe and Nero doesn’t make sense. Shiki took down Joe, while Ziggy slew Nero. He never had a hand in either of their downfalls, as far as we know.

Maybe good and evil exist in a form of balance; that’s how it always seems to be in a lot of fiction. Unless Cure can prove the universe requires balance to survive, he’s just doing it to justify a reason to keep existing. No matter how you look at it, his motives seem utterly selfish. He deserves what’s coming to him.

That said, I’m glad to see that what we heard of Nox, aka Rebecca’s mom, might be lies. And it is a very decent plot twist if I look at it from a narrative point. The problem I have is how the motives of Cure sound so dumb. If we learn otherwise, I’ll take back my words.

I Give “To Shine” a 2.5/5

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