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Three Reasons Why The Seraphim are Bad News

One Piece Chapter 1059-Boa Hancock at the Mercy of Blackbeard

One Piece Chapter 1059 Review/Recap

With the story in Wano Country over, One Piece is free to focus on everything that happened abroad. And as we’ve learned, a lot happened. First and foremost was the decision to dissolve the Seven Warlords. As a result, the former Warlords are now hunted by the World Government, with Boa Hancock among them. However, that’s not the most surprising thing about this chapter. The biggest surprise is the little Seraphim-Esque cyborgs that the World Government now has.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Cover Page
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, TCB Scans


Aboard the Red Force, the Red Hair Pirates take Marco back to Sphinx, with the latter refusing to join Shanks’ crew. He says he’s too old to babysit pirates as he flies back to Sphinx. 

In a flashback, Yamato reveals her reasons for not joining the Straw Hat Pirates. The attack by Ryokugyu made her realize that with Kaido gone, others would come to try and seize Wano Country. Thus, she plans to stick around and look after everyone, which the Straw Hats respect. As for Marco, he heads out, but not before Luffy thanks him for saving his life at Marineford, to which Marco says Ace would be proud of how strong Luffy’s become. 

Amazon Lily Under Attack

Meanwhile, on Amazon Lily, the island and the Kuja Pirates are in bad shape after the Marines attacked several weeks prior. During that battle, the Marines deployed a new breed of Pacifistas that looked like Seraphims, which came close to destroying the island. Then, to make matters worse, Blackbeard shows up to take Hancock’s power for himself!

One Piece Chapter 1059-The Blackbeard Pirates Appeared
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, TCB Scans

While Hancock turns most enemies into stone, she’s no match for Blackbeard. Rather than take her powers, Blackbeard decides to outright kill her, despite this meaning that everyone she petrified can’t return to normal. Thankfully, Rayleigh pulls up and demands that she return everyone back to normal and for everyone to leave. 

One Piece Chapter 1059-Rayleigh Pulls Up on Everyone
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, TCB Scans

In the present day, Amazon Lily’s safe for the moment. However, they’re all worried by the Seraphims due to their insane strength. Moreover, one of them looked like a kid version of Hancock. 

As for the Marines, they limp back to port with disturbing news: Koby was captured by the Blackbeard Pirates!

One Piece Chapter 1059-Koby's Captured!
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, TCB Scans


Vegapunk, what did you do?!?

It’s safe to assume that these new Serpahim, as fans have dubbed them, are new Pacifistas created by Dr. Vegapunk. Firstly, their strength is greater than any normal child should be. The one that fought Blackbeard sliced off part of the mountain on Amazon Lily! More troubling than their strength, though, is their appearances.

The Facts of the Seraphim

One Piece Chapter 1035-King's True Face
Source-Mangasee, Shonen Jump, Viz Manga

Exhibit A: their skin and the wings growing out of their backs is an almost exact match to King of the Beast Pirates, who’s supposed to be the last known Lunarian left in the world. The fact that these Seraphim resemble the Lunarians cant’ be a coincidence. 

One Piece Chapter 1059-That Seraphim Looks Like Hancock.
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, TCB Scans

Then there’s exhibit B: the two Seraphim deployed resemble kid versions of Hawkeye Mihawk and Boa Hancock. Except the copies are stronger than the real ones were as kids, and there’s no way that that’s a coincidence, either. 

The jury’s still out on this, but here’s my theory for right now. Dr. Vegapunk got his hands on the DNA of the former Warlords, along with that of the Lunarians. Then, he combined them with his cybernetic knowledge to create the Seraphim. In other words, Vegapunk made a bunch of cyborg Lunarian hybrid clones to replace the Warlords. That is some Dr. Gero-level mad science going on.

More than all of that, though, it’s the name that worries me. In Judeo-Christian Theology, Seraphim are the highest level of Angels that serve under God. Vegapunk gave the World Government a group of terrifying angel-cyborgs to enforce their will worldwide. That is terrifying!

Blackbeard is a Menace and Needs to Be Stopped

The other big talking point about this chapter is Blackbeard himself. The man openly attacked the Marines and the Amazon simultaneously and whooped both their butts in the process. The only reason Hancock remains alive is that Rayleigh and Shakky show up. No matter how you look at it, Amazon Lily might not be safe for its people anymore. And as annoying as I find her crush on Luffy, I like Hancock, and I’m glad she’s safe now. But if Rayleigh admitted that he’d lose to Blackbeard now, everyone should be worried.

We still don’t know what Blackbeard has planned, but whatever it is, it will lead to him and Luffy finally throwing down hands. Especially since he’s kidnapped Koby, AKA Luffy’s friend in the Marines. They may be on opposite sides, but there’s no way Luffy will let Koby get hurt. As it stands, Luffy might be the only one who can stop Blackbeard.

As One Piece heads into the final stretch, Oda’s setting us up for the biggest war his world’s ever seen. All the pieces are getting put in place; all hands are on deck, etc. If there’s going to be a war between the Straw Hats, the World Government, and Blackbeard Pirates, then Oda needs to go all out. And in the next few weeks, that’s what we’ll be getting. That, and more explanation about the Seraphim, because they’re terrifying.

Also, side note: surprised that Shakky’s the former Pirate Empress of the Kuja Pirates. Didn’t see that coming. Also, it’s nice that Oda confirmed why Yamato didn’t join the Straw Hats.

One Piece Chapter 1059-Former Pirate Empress Shakky
Source-Shonen Jump, Viz Media, TCB Scans

I Give “The Captain Koby Incident” a 4.5/5

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