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South Park Music Kicks Ass! Happy Birthday, South Park!

South Park 25th Anniversary Concert

This was just one of the many songs that played at the second of two concerts held at the Red Rock Ampitheatre in Colorado last Saturday, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of South Park.

South Park is famous for many things. They don’t pull punches on anything, nothing is too sacred for them to make fun of, and they make every episode in less than a week. However, another excellent aspect of the show is the incredible music. From Isaac Hayes’ “Chocolate Salty Balls” to “Gay Fish” to the iconic opening song, South Park has enough hit songs to comprise several albums. My

What’s my favorite song, though? While I’m partial to “Let’s Fighting Love,” that’s nothing compared to “Kyle’s Mom.”

Kyle’s Mom really is a bitch! Happy birthday, South Park

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