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Demon King Unmasked! Who is Ziggy Really?

Edens Zero Chapter 202-Ziggy Unmasked

Edens Zero Chapter 202 Review/Recap

Ever since the return of those flash-forwards, is readers are more confused than ever about Edens Zero. What do they mean? Why is Ziggy bent on killing Mother? Why does he think Shiki is a threat to the universe? There’s actually a theory that Ziggy might be a future version of Shiki. Now that theory might be getting some credence. This week, Ziggy gets unmasked!

Edens Zero Chapter 202 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 202-Ziggy Unmasked
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Atop their lone tower, Ziggy and Shiki continue their clash, with neither holding anything back. The two’s Gravity Ether is evenly matched, but with the addition of Poseidon Nero’s powers, Ziggy gets the upper hand for a brief moment. Despite this, Shiki strikes back, shattering his Grandpa’s mechanical face, revealing…someone underneath.

Edens Zero Chapter 202-Deadend Crow’s Overdrive Form
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Elsewhere, Deadend Crow unleashes his full wrath on the Edens Zero, entering Overdrive and giving chase. The crew’s barely able to get the shields up before Crow punches them, smashing the ship into the ground! Inside of Crow, a still-alive Holy’s met by a manifestation of Crow’s form, who she tries to attack…and promptly fails. It’s then that Crow finally recognizes her as a survivor of Atmos Day. He then gleefully remembers how he killed her sister, stripped her naked, and hung her in a plaza for all to see. However, as he prepares to kill her this time, he’s interrupted by Jinn and Laguna, who tell him that their ship takes care of its guests.

Edens Zero Chapter 202-Jinn and Laguna Come to Help
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


You know, for a chapter titled “Unmasked,” it doesn’t make all that much sense not to focus on the actual unmasking. Is Mashima saving that surprise for later and just teasing us for now? If he is, then he’s not doing a good job at it. Well, that won’t stop me from discussing who Ziggy is under the mask, because I don’t think he’s actually a Machine. At least, not fully.

There has been speculation that Ziggy might be an alternate, future version of Shiki, and from what we saw of Ziggy’s face underneath his mask, there might be some credence to this. If this fan theory’s true, then what does that mean for the story? Has Ziggy always been an alternate version of Shiki, or was he really a Machine that died a long time ago? Or did he choose to model himself on Shiki’s appearance just to mess with his grandson? Both ideas are possible, but we have no clue right now.

Edens Zero Chapter 202-Holy’s Vendetta
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

As for the stuff with Crow and Holy, I thought it was a little bit interesting. Nice of Mashima to disprove my idea of Holy destroying Crow from the inside, though. But how will Laguna and Jinn fight him inside his body if Crow can jam their Ether. Either way, I think Mashima needs to get his act together and focus more on the main story. He’s losing my interest!

I Give “Unmasked” a 2/5

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