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Shanks to Greenbull: GET OUT OF WANO!

One Piece Chapter 1055 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1055 Review/Recap

Ever since we the Straw Hats got to Wano, we’ve heard time and again how the country needs to be opened. How Oden learned there was a reason why Wano isolated itself for 800 years. When the time came, Wano would need to open itself up again. We thought that Wano metaphorically closed itself off from the world all this time. However, it turns out that they meant it literally!

In yet another masterpiece of a chapter of One Piece, we learn why Wano shut itself off and see a certain Admiral get out in their place.


Shanks to Ryokugyu: Beat it!

As Yamato and the Scabbards look on, Momo battles Ryokugyu on his own. He needs to prove that they don’t need the help of Yamato or the Straw Hats, or else Wano will never be safe. Momonosuke becomes so enraged that he manages to master Kaido’s techniques, nearly burning the Admiral to a crisp!!!

One Piece Chapter 1055-Momo Bodies the Admiral
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Being a Logia, though, Ryokugyu survives. However, before he can escalate things, black lightning appears, accompanied by the voice of Shanks himself. Essentially, he tells Ryokugyu to get lost, or else. The Admiral has no choice but to retreat. In the Flower Capital, the Monster Quartet of the Straw Hats all watch Momonosuke, proud of his victory, as Luffy senses Shanks leaving Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1055-Shanks Puts Ryokugyu in His Place
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

The True Wano is Revealed

One Piece Chapter 1055-The True Wano Underwater
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Elsewhere, Sukiyaki leads Robin (and Law) below the palace, further and further down, until they see something incredible out a window: underwater ruins, the ruins of the real Wano.

As Sukiyaki tells them, Wano was originally located at sea level at the base of Mount Fuji. When they sealed themselves off, they hid Pluton and built massive walls around the island while building new land up the mountain. Rainwater accumulated in the former land, creating a lake and waterfalls that cut Wano off from the world. More importantly, Sukiyaki says that opening Wano will mean taking down the walls and letting Pluton loose on the world once more!


I don’t even know where to start with this chapter. Seeing Momonosuke unlock his true power and body Ryokugyu? The Admiral running away in terror from Shanks’ Haki? Or the reveal that Wano’s basically Atlantis meets Attack on Titan? Let’s start with the most important, though, with Wano.

The Walls Are There for a Reason

The walls were unexpected; very unexpected, in fact. But they also explain why Wano is one of the harder places to get to in One Piece. More importantly, if we add up everything we learned in the Wano Arc, we get a rough idea as to why they built the massive walls.

Let’s go back 800 years, to the Void Century and the presumed time of the original Joy Boy. When the World Government came to power, Wano isolated itself from the world to protect itself. To keep itself out of the World Government’s grasp until the day they needed to open their borders again. That wouldn’t happen until Joy Boy returned. Thus, they isolated themselves and, more importantly, the ancient weapon, Pluton.

One Piece Chapter 1055-The Road Poneglyph of Wano
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Here’s my theory: whoever Joy Boy was, they wanted Wano to keep themselves and Pluton safe until the time was right. Then, they would set Pluton free when the next Joy Boy arrived. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it makes sense. It ties into the void century, Laugh Tale, Joy Boy, and the One Piece.

In the immediate future, the Straw Hats and Law have found another Road Ponegylph. They only need one more, and the road to Laugh Tale will be opened. One Piece is closer than ever.

Momonosuke Kozuki is All Grown Up

Can I just say how proud I am of Momonosuke after this chapter? He’s gone from being the crybaby we first met to being a badass equal to his Dad. Seeing him body that arrogant Admiral was one of the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen in One Piece. I’ve been wanting to see them get knocked down a peg since Marineford, so this was very cathartic. Bottom-line is that the Admirals aren’t so tough anymore.

One Piece Chapter 1055-A Familiar Face
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

If you doubt my words, then look at how the Monster Quartet (I now include Jinbei) reacted to the fight. Their attitude says it all: if they wanted to, they could torn the Marine apart. Some might criticize them for their inaction, but if things had gotten really bad, I think they would’ve intervened.

And Luffy! He may not have met Shanks yet, but o think he knew that it was him by his Haki. The day those two meet again is fast approaching, and it will be a day everyone will remember!

This was another flawless chapter on Oda’s part. We got another piece to the puzzle of One Piece, as well as some pretty great catharsis. The Admirals are feared no more!!!

I Give “New Age” a 5/5

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  1. Greenbull………. HE………. Yeah; he doesn’t looks so tough right now. If this had been Luffy from just before his fight with Kaido, then I’d say rubber boy would struggle- but still win. But THIS Luffy- NO CONTEST Ryokugyu is done. And that’s not even to say Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbei. Honestly, even though it was Shanks; he still looks rather unimpressive. Cool fruit, but hasn’t done anything that makes me think of him as an “Admiral.” They must have been hurting for men when the draft happened!!
    When those walls come down- IT’S ON. And they’ll be bringing their A Listers this time!! Oh, when it’s time for the “Throne Wars…….”

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