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This is Some Seriously Timey-Wimey Stuff!

Edens Zero Chapter 200-Demon King's Clash

Edens Zero Chapter 200 Review/Recap

Well, I can now honestly say that Edens Zero has finally gotten interesting again. After weeks of dealing with the Dark Stars and that other stuff, Mashima finally gives us a few worthwhile chapters. Firstly, Killer wasn’t joking about Ziggy having Weiss’s mom. He has an armory of mothers in stasis. The big surprise, though, is the reveal that one of them is Saintfire Nox, the last of the Oracion Seis Galactica. And that Nox is Rebecca’s mother! It’s about to crazier, though, as we get into some real timey-wimey whammy moments.

Edens Zero Chapter 200 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaFreak


So, to recap, Ziggy has Rebecca’s mom, the Archibishop of the Saintfire organization who can control time. In fact, he has the mothers of most of the Eden’s Zero crew. Unfortunately, besides Nox, everyone else is dead. He only brought them to be a jerk. He needs the Ether only mothers, creators of life, possess, so he can find Mother…and kill her. Enraged, Shiki attacks Ziggy, only for the two to get teleported away, leaving the others distraught.

Edens Zero Chapter 200-Grandpa and Grandson Face Off
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaFreak

Stop a spire overlooking Lendard, grandfather and grandson face off in the rematch years in the making. As the two masters of gravity clash, Ziggy cryptically remarks how Shiki’s strength comes from being outside of time. Then, the chapter flashes forward to 20,000 years into the future as two explorers find signs of life in a desolate landscape.

Edens Zero Chapter 200-20,000 Years in the Future
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaFreak


I’m going to be honest here, you guys. I completely forgot about that flash-forward to 20,000 years in the future. The last time that came up was at the end of Chapter 4, well before I started covering Edens Zero. Thus, I had a hard time understanding what Ziggy meant or what that flash forward was about. It’s all timey-wimey and hard to wrap my head around. So instead, let’s focus on the more immediate stuff.

Firstly, we get confirmation that, besides Nox, all of the other mother’s of the Crew of Edens are dead. Which means Ziggy just collected their bodies for the sole purpose of trolling the heroes. On the one hand, it means that Homura’s mom died like we thought she would. On the other, Weisz won’t reunite with his dead Mother.

Trolling aside, though, there is merit to why Ziggy did this. It’s a deterrent against the plan to summon a Chronophage. Doing that could erase all of those people from existence, which could in turn erase them from existence. In addition, There’s the moral dilemma. Well played, Ziggy.

For now, though, let’s just think about how the manga’s finally getting good again. I can’t wait for next week’s chapter.

I Give “Alternative” a 4/5

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  1. Something’s bugging me: Ziggy told them that Irma(Weisz’ mom) was alive 3 month’s after she was pronounced dead from Drakken’s life support system. He said his minions went to get her. But……… HOW? Like; you’d think after she died the second time they would have actually disposed of her.
    Were the Dark Star’s around 50 years ago to get her? Or did they go to the current Norma, find her body, and retrieve it. I don’t know; something just doesn’t feel right about that……….
    “Someone Outside A Moment In Time?” Is THAT what Shiki is? I wonder what that has to do with Mother………
    We’re only gonna get better from here! Are we going to get Ziggy’s big reveal, or Nox and Rebecca’s first meeting? This should be fun!!

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