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Sister Is Clown’s Worst Nightmare!!

Edens Zero Chapter 198-Sister Dominates Clown

Edens Zero Chapter 198 Review/Recap

When we first met her, I knew I’d like Sister Ivry. Despite dressing like a Nun, she’s loud, crass, and probably the best example of BDSM in Shonen. And, as she’s proven time and again, she’s an utter badass. She takes any pain someone hands her and returns it ten-fold. And as Clown soon realizes, she’s his worst nightmare.

Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


Edens Zero Chapter 198-Sister is Mad
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

As Hermit lies powerless as Clown prepares to seize Etherion, all hope seems lost. At that moment, a very angry Sister shows up. She used her healing powers to heal Clown’s dog to death, and once she heals Hermit, she’s ready to do the same to Clown. Before she can, though, Clown traps her in his nightmare dimension where he held Rebecca before.

Chained and helpless, Sister’s subjected to torture that I can’t show here. However, instead of breaking her, she laughs it off. She knows it’s not real, and her medical practice ensures her sanity remains intact. Sister then turns the tables on Clown and…just see for yourself.

Say your prayers, Clown.


Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

This right here. This is why Sister’s my favorite of the Shining Stars. She doesn’t shit from anyone, and her dominatrix personality let’s her turn her healing powers into a deadly weapon. She healed Clown’s Ether dog until it overloaded and exploded! And then she used Clown as her new plaything. She’s one girl you never wanna anger!

Edens Zero Chapter 198-Sister Luvvvs Rebecca
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

That, and I found her reaction to hearing how Rebecca had been in her place earlier hilarious. She’s a pervert, but she’s happy with who she is.

That said, this whole arc so far has been very disappointing. All the Dark Stars seem down for the count. Ziggy almost lost to Elsie. The whole thing seems too easy! What is Mashima playing at? This whole arc seems meant to be the final battle, but all evidence points to the contrary. It doesn’t make sense!

I’m really hoping that Mashima gets better with this. Because right now, he has a hard time keeping my attention. At least Sister validated my initial thoughts about her. She is awesome.

I Give “Nightmare” a 3.5/5

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  1. Yeah, this arc has been kind of hit or miss- with more misses than hits. We still haven’t even seen the Zero fight against Crow. And with next chapter bringing in another Galactica; it feels like this arc is just getting more “cluttered” than anything else.
    I was luke warm on Sister at first- she was fine. NOW I’m pretty interested. Though i wouldn’t want to end up in her “Training Room.”

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