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‘One Piece’ Hit Us With One Wham Moment After Another

One Piece Chapter 1053 Cover

One Piece Chapter 1053 Review/Recap

So, clearly, I was wrong about the timing for One Piece going on break. As it turns out, it happens after this week’s chapter. Still, Oda knows how to satiate the fans when he takes his manga on break. This chapter of One Piece managed to give fans wham moment after wham moment. From the new bounties to big reveals, there are so many moments that made me go, “say what?”

One Piece Chapter 1053 Cover
Source-MangaSee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


One Piece Chapter 1053-The Worst Generation's New Bounties
Source-MangaSee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Despite the Gorosei’s wishes to the contrary, the papers start printing the whole story of what happened in Wano Country. The fall of Big Mom and Kaido send shockwaves across the world. Luffy, Kid, and Law have had their bounties shoot up to 3 billion Berries each!

Meanwhile, in the basement of the Shogun’s palace, Robin locates another poneglyph, only to be joined by Tengu. However, Tengu’s true identity is that of Sukiyaki Kozuki, father of Oden and grandfather of Momonosuke and Hiyori. Despite Wano being told of his death, Orochi merely imprisoned him. He didn’t escape until after his son’s death. More importantly, Sukiyaki confirms something big to Robin: Pluton is in Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1053-Wano Celebrates All Night Long!
Source-MangaSee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

In the Flower Capital itself, the festival celebrating the Alliance’s victory is in full swing, with all the Straw Hats (besides Jinbei) attending. Everyone in Wano’s eating, drinking, and making merry as they celebrate the end to the nightmare of Orochi and Kaido, with Luffy leading the revelry. The moment gets crashed, though, by Kid, who angrily reveals that Luffy is now one of the Yonko, along with…Buggy?!?!?

One Piece Chapter 1053-THE NEW YONKO!!!
Source-MangaSee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Oh, and Ryokugyu’s headed to the Flower Capital.


This entire chapter was one big wham moment after another, so I’m going to have to break it all down.

Firstly, I was not expecting Sukiyaki to still be alive. I assumed, along with most people, that Orochi had poisoned him to an early grave. The fact that he had to outlive his son and daughter-in-law, and see his country fall to ruin, must have been heartbreaking. That said, I don’t agree with his decision to keep his survival secret from his grandchildren. They deserve to know they still have family.

One Piece Chapter 1053-Pluton is in Wano Country
Source-MangaSee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Secondly, PLUTON IS IN WANO COUNTRY!! One of the Ancient Weapons that the World Government seeks to destroy or control is in Wano. This is a big shakeup, considering how it’s long been thought to be in Alabasta. Suddenly, I’m much more relieved that the World Government didn’t annex Wano. Thanks, Momonouske!

Also, Luffy’s bounty just doubled, and he’s now one of the Yonko. No surprise there; we all knew that would happen. But how did Buggy get made a Yonko? He’s way in over his head now! Plus, Kid and Law are way more deserving of Yonko!

One Piece Chapter 1053-Ryokugyu Arrives in Wano
Source-MangaSee, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

Lastly, this chapter confirms that Ryokugyu has some plant-based Devil Fruit, and he managed to beat the snot out of the remaining Beast Pirates. He could be trouble for Luffy, but I’m not too worried. Yet.

Now is the time for the manga to go on break, though. Again, Oda deserves a vacation after writing his greatest arc to date.

I Give “The New Emperors” a 4.5/5

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7 thoughts on “‘One Piece’ Hit Us With One Wham Moment After Another Leave a comment

  1. He certainly knows how to pick his breaks, doesn’t he? Oda makes sure we have enough to digest before we get into the next installment! But between this and “Black Clover” still being on hiatus; it’s gonna be ROUGH on Jump. I’m already sad to not see “Black Clover” spoilers every week!
    I’m liking Greenbull thus far! Design, Fruit, Attitude, and way of doing things. I wonder if Luffy’s in a good state to take him on? Maybe Yamato will fight him? Those Ice powers could come in hand against a Plant Man!
    WHERE THE F*CK IS PLUTON?!! Where the h#ll would you hide something like that? And did KAIDO even know that? And how much does Sukiyaki know about it?
    BUGGY. This man just can’t fail, can he? If it didn’t make him one of the most wanted criminals in the world, then it be fine. But now he’s going to have Admiral’s coming for his big nose havin’ @$$. Your days are numbered now, Clown!!
    I’m still geekin’ out about it all!

  2. I’m very interested to learn what Buggy did to become an Emperor. Most likely something to do with him gaining even more powerful crewmembers. Maybe a former Warlord or two? I can see a few of them using Buggy to their own ends.

    • Or, since he’s part of the Roger Pirates, the WG assumes that he’s stronger than he is, and the fact that he somehow escaped while making it look like he was a genius, it only makes sense.

      • Maybe, but Oda already played that card to get him to Warlord status. Would be boring if it happened again. I’m hoping Buggy has something to do with the implied awful state of the world right now. Or, at least, he capitalized on whatever happened to earn him Emperor status.

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