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A New Dawn Rises On Wano Country

One Piece Chapter 1052-Luffy and Zoro Are Awake

One Piece Chapter 1052 Review/Recap

At long, long last, the war for Wano Country is over. The Alliance stands victorious, the Beast Pirates shattered, and Kaido and Big Mom are stuck in an underground magma chamber. Let’s hope they stay there for the time being. However, the fight wasn’t without sacrifice. As the world deals with the aftermath, a new face arrives in Wano as the new dawn arrives. This is going to be a long one, by the way!


News of Kaido and Big Mom’s defeat quickly reaches the Gorosei in Mary Geoise, and the timing couldn’t be worse for them. Word will spread, and any balance of power left will fall apart. However, they do learn that Zunesha has left and that Wano’s borders will remain closed for the time being. Despite this, they remained determined to capture Robin.

One Piece Chapter 1052-Undo the Brainwashing
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

In Wano, those left behind adjust to the new dawn. Hawkins and Drake rest on Onigashima, the brainwashing of the Flower Capital’s kids starts to be undone, and all over the land, people talk of the heroes who saved them. Not just Oden, but Hiyori, Denjiro, and above all, Joyboy. In the Shogun’s palace, Luffy and Zoro finally awaken after being asleep for more than a week. Everyone begins to rejoice before enjoying the hot springs in preparation for the massive festival held later that day.

One Piece Chapter 1052-Bath Time
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media

In Udon Port, Apoo, Law, and Kid join Franky and Usopp with news on their new bounties, and who got dubbed the new Yonko.

Unbeknownst to everyone, though, a new visitor’s arriving in Wano: Admiral Ryokugyu.

One Piece Chapter 1052-Ryokugyo
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


This chapter was something else, in my opinion. It didn’t explain as much as fans wanted, but also gave us a general idea of what’s happening now. I’m going to break it all down as best as I can.

The World Government Stays Out of Wano

Originally, the World Government planned to annex Wano if Kaido were to fall. However, thanks to Momonosuke’s decision, Wano remains closed for a little while longer. He wants the country to be ready for what will come soon. The Gorosei even compliment Momo for being a shrewd man.

At the same time, their attempts to kill Luffy ended up backfiring in the worst way possible. As a result, now Luffy has become the next Joyboy, and is a hero to all of Wano Country. When the time comes, they will help him. And with the Warlords abolished, they’re weaker than ever.

As for Ryokugyu, there’s no telling if he’s coming to Wano as a friend or foe. However, I don’t think Luffy has to worry about him. At his level now, he’s beyond the Admirals.

Momonosuke Will Lead the New Dawn of Wano

At last, the new dawn has come to Wano, and Momonosuke’s taken his place as Shogun. He may not be as strong as his Dad was yet, but he’s going to be a great leader. Too bad for him, but he can’t use being a kid to get attention from Nami and Robin anymore.

I knew that would happen, but it was still hilarious to see. As for Yamato, she may actually join the Straw Hats.

As for the Scabbards, they’re able to lay Oden, Toki, Yasuie, and the others to rest in a shrine in Ringo, watching over Wano for all time. However, it also appears that Ashura and Izo also died during the final battle. It’s sad to know they fell, but it also lends real weight to what happened. As for Orochi and Kanjuro, we have yet to hear if they’re truly dead, but I’m hoping they are.

The Rise of the New Yonko

As of this battle, while Big Mom and Kaido may still be alive, they’ve lost their titles as Yonko. The Beast Pirates will likely be forced to rebuild the country they ravaged. Big Mom may return to Whole Cake Island, but her power will be broken.

As for who will become the new Yonko, we all know one of them will be Luffy. His bounty will likely skyrocket to surpass Kaido and Big Mom’s. As for the others, it’s possible that Law and Kid will be declared Yonko. No matter what, though, every pirate who took part in this will see their bounties increase. The whole world will be pushed into a massive uproar. Alas, we will not know for some time.

Oda’s On Vacation

As fans know by now, Eichiro Oda’s going on vacation for the next month or so. According to Twitter, he’s doing this so that he can revise the story in preparation for the final saga. This doesn’t mean One Piece is ending soon, though. It will likely last until the middle of the decade. However, Oda wants to ensure that the finale meets the fans expectations.

I say that’s a good idea. The Wano Arc was something he’s been building up for ten years now. He deserves to take a vacation. Fans may not like it, but the least we can do is let him relax.

I Give “A New Morning” A 4/5

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  1. It’s gonna be painful reading jump without “One Piece” and “Black Clover.” But they’ll end eventually, too- gonna have to get used to it at some point. But still!
    Ah, Momo- Those days are over now. EAT IT. Thought you could get away with that forever, didja? WRONG- No more “Sacred Paradise” for you, you little turd!!
    Yamato’s role will prbably be to catalog the journey from here- just like Oden did. Also combatant. They REALLY should keep an better eye on Luffy; you end up with some weird characters joining you on the ship!!
    I hope Oda enjoys his rest. Those little booklets revealing scrapped ideas should be interesting! And telling of what Oda was thinking writing this 25 year epic.

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