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Odalia Blight Just Made My “Worst Moms Ever” List

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20-United Against Odalia

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20 Review

When I first saw Odalia Blight, I knew I’d hate her guts. She’s abusive, manipulative, controlling, and an all-around terrible mother to Amity and her siblings. She made a very prestigious list in the penultimate episode of The Owl House’s second season. As Emperor Belos prepares to wipe out the Boiling Isles, Odalia proves herself worthy of being on my list of “Worst Moms Ever.”

The Plan to Stop the Day of Unity

There are less than twenty-four hours left before the Day of Unity, where Belos will use the Draining Spell to wipe out everyone on the Boiling Isles and free the Collector. With almost everyone on the Boiling Isles fooled, it looks like nothing can stop Belos. However, the CATTs have a plan, and at its center is Eda.

Having seen how Eda’s curse can warp magic firsthand, Darius, Eberwolf, and Raine decide to use that to their advantage. The plan’s to have Eda pose as a Coven Head, take Raine’s place, and use her to ruin the Draining Spell. It should work, yet…it feels like this will all go wrong.

It’s a Trap

Firstly, there’s the sacrifice Eda will have to make. She’ll have to brand herself with a Coven sigil, sealing her magic away. If Eda’s willing to throw away her freedom as a wild witch, things are truly desperate. However, there’s another reason why viewers should worry. A member of the CATTs might be a spy for Belos, and I’m worried it might be Raine.

It sounds far-fetched, but hear me out: the look on Raine’s face throughout the entire episode as they discuss the plan is extremely uneasy. Could Raine have tried to make a deal with Belos to keep Eda safe from the Day of Unity, or are they still brainwashed? Either way, the CATTs are walking into a trap.

The treachery only gets worse from here.

Odalia Blight’s True Colors

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20-Odalia Blight's IDGAF Expression
Source-Disney, YouTube

After what happened at Hexside, Amity, Edric, and Emira tried to warn their parents about what they’re helping Belos do. Instead, Odalia Blight grounds them, forcing Luz, Gus, Willow, and Hunter to rescue the Blights from their home. 

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20-Lumity First Kiss
Source-Disney, YouTube

A quick side note, when Luz and Amity reunite, the two share their first kiss. This is a milestone in their relationship and a milestone for Disney by having their first same-sex kiss onscreen. One can only assume this is motivated by Disney’s decision to cut the final season down to three specials. One last defiant jab at Disney from Dana Terrace, and I love it.

What I do not love is Odalia Blight, who proves to be even worse than what fans had come to expect. During the episode’s climax, everyone was horrified to learn that Odalia was well aware of the Day of Unity’s story and went through with it anyway. Her rationale is that Belos will make them royalty in the world that comes after. 


I’m sorry, but that deserves a facepalm. How can Odalia Blight think that Belos will honor his end of the bargain? Is she that stupid? Belos has proven time and again that his word cannot be trusted. At one point, King even hears the Collector talking to themselves and starts to doubt what Belos will do. Her family disowns her right then and there, likely for the best. At least Alador realizes he’s been a parent and vows to do better, should they all survive.

Is the Collector the Villain, or Belos?

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20-Belos and the Collector
Source-Disney, YouTube

Then, we have the Collector. When we first saw them as the figure that turned the Owl Beast into a curse, we thought the Collector was evil. As far as we know, he is evil. He helped wipe out the Titans, and is willing to kill everyone on the Boiling Isles to be free from imprisonment. However, the last two episodes made me doubt how evil he truly is. He sounds genuinely lonely and upset at the idea that Belos might betray him. Could he just not realize that what he’s doing is wrong?

It’s just speculation, but maybe someone can help him become a better person if this is true. Someone like Luz, perhaps?

Luz Takes Matters into Her Own Hands

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20-Luz is Coming for Belos
Source-Disney, YouTube

Despite the adult’s best attempts to keep Luz away from the Day of Unity, Luz Noceda refuses to stand back and let Belos destroy the Boiling Isles. So, when Kikimora (who’s been demoted) reveals that Belos knows about what’s coming, she doesn’t hesitate to rush off to help. However, she disguises herself as Hunter and lets herself get captured, meaning that she’ll be taken right to Belos.

If the show were ending next episode, this would be the moment where Luz and Belos would have a rematch for the fate of everything. Yet, since it is not, I’m worried something worse might happen. Something comparable to the end of “True Colors” for Amphibia. What if Luz ends up possessed by the Collector, and the show ends the season on that big cliffhanger. It would leave fans distraught!

The Day of Reckoning

With Amphibia now over, everyone’s attention is on The Owl House. Thus, next week’s season finale is likely going to be all anyone can think about. Can the Day of Unity even be stopped? Will anyone survive? What will Luz’s Palisman end up being?

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20-Luz's Palisman
Source-Disney, YouTube

In a surprising reveal, Luz’s revealed to have carved her Palisman into the shape of an egg. Her reason is that she wants the Palisman to decide what it wants to be. It’s a nice reflection of how Luz wants nothing more than the freedom to choose how to live her life, and if we’re lucky, it will take its final shape by the end of the season. 

But what do you think will happen? I want to know!

The Owl House Season 2, Episode 20 End Credits
Source-Disney, YouTube

I Give “Clouds on the Horizon” a 4/5

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  1. I was getting the same vibes, too; I don’t know what to make of the Collector at this point. He’s not a Super Villain or anything; he’s just a kid who wants friends. But in some ways……. that’s even SCARIER. You never know with Child Villains; they may know EXACTLY what they’re doing, or don’t fully comprehend what they’re doing is wrong.
    But either way; Belos IS playing him. It’s how the Collector reacts to the betrayal that’s going to tell us which he is.
    Wow- they pulled out the GOOD Animation for that kiss!

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