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Rebecca Owns her Cat Girl Powers Like a Boss

Edens Zero Chapter 189-Neko Rebecca Kicks Butt

Edens Zero Chapter 189 Review/Recap

Sorry that this is a little later than normal, but I’ve been busy this week. Also, there’s the fact that there’s no One Piece this week, so I wanted something to fill in for Friday, and Edens Zero seemed to be my best bet. In the last chapter, Shiki dealt a finishing blow to Wizard of the four Dark Stars. Not only that, but he also revealed that he was only using one-tenth of his full power! Will the rest of the Crew of Edens be able to handle their opponent’s, though? Probably; Rebecca’s now a cat girl!


As Shiki keeps speculating about why Ziggy erased the Shining Stars memories, elsewhere, Elsie wakes up…to find herself stripped of her armor and chained to a pole, courtesy of Justice.

Edens Zero Chapter 189-Elsie Captured
Justice, some people might take this the wrong way. Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

The reason being that Justice plans on having Elsie stand trial for her crimes before killing her, though he’s surprised that she couldn’t kill Ziggy. In addition, Justice reveals that the other members of Oracion Seis Interstelar are coming to Lendard to take down Ziggy.

Edens Zero Chapter 189-Neko Rebecca Kicks Butt
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

Elsewhere, Rebecca continues her battle with Clown, now in her Overdrive form. In her cat girl form, she has a much better time fighting off Clown, managing to force him to the ground, leading her to follow suit. Aboard the Edens Zero, though, Labilia’s barely keeping it together amidst the battle while Couchpo tries to reassure her. That’s when the two find Rebecca’s latest video to her fans saying that she may not be coming back for a while, as she wants to protect the people she loves. As a result, Labilia’s so moved that she resolves to help however she can, much to Couchpo’s distress. Down below, though, the next stage of Rebecca’s fight begins: the cat girl in the ring of fire!

Edens Zero Chapter 189-The Ring of Fire
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee


Edens Zero Chapter 189-Neko Rebecca's Message to her fans
Source-Kodansha Comics, MangaSee

My, how far Rebecca has come since we first met her. Granted, she was already a badass when the series started, but getting Leaper, then Cat Leaper, then her cat girl overdrive form has made her even tougher. Now she’s able to fight alongside the best of them. However, the fact that Labilia’s leaving the safety of the ship leaves me concerned about her, well, safety. She could get killed!

Besides the fight between Rebecca and Clown, the only other notable thing about this chapter is what happened between Elsie and Justice. Firstly, did Justice have to strip her down, or is that just Mashima giving us fanservice again? I’d say it’s the latter. However, I’m more surprised at the fact that Justice chose to not kill her outright. Maybe he’s mellowing out…or actually believes what he’s saying.

This was an okay chapter, overall. I got no positives or negatives about it.

I Give “Rebecca vs. Clown” a 3/5

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2 thoughts on “Rebecca Owns her Cat Girl Powers Like a Boss Leave a comment

  1. Justice mellowing out? Yes……. Possibly. I guess it depends on when he sees Homura. If he goes into “Insta-Kill” mode like he did with Shiki and Elsie on Foresta, then it’s more like he’s “divided” his anger. In his mind; Homura is not only Elsie’s ally, but also Creed’s killer. She’s probably #2 on his hit list.
    I KNEW Labilia wouldn’t stay on the ship with everything with her and Rebecca. And she may be tougher than I ever gave her credit for, but…….. This planet’s got Galactica’s and Interstelar’s ALL OVER THE PLACE- not to mention their subordinates. Holy’s even having a secret plan going on.
    Rebecca should be fine. A little more beat up than the others, but nothing serious. The Dark Star’s SERIOUSLY underestimated them all. If this had been 3 years ago it’d be a different story. But……… something tells me Killer and Brigadine are about to get their sh!t pushed in.

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