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Momonosuke, it’s Time to Step Up & Be a Dragon!

One Piece Chapter 1047 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1047 Review/Recap

The Wano Arc will likely go down as one of the biggest arcs in One Piece history, and after more than four years of following it, it finally seems to be reaching its climax. The Alliance stands on the verge of total victory. The Beast Pirates are all defeated or defected; Big Mom’s out of the fight. The only major threat left is Kaido, and Luffy looks ready to finish him off. However, there’s only one problem: when Kaido falls, Onigashima will fall on the Flower Capital. Even if it doesn’t, it falling will still kill everyone inside. The only one in any position to stop it is Momonosuke Kozuki, who continues to have a crisis of confidence.


One Piece Chapter 1047 Cover Page
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump


One Piece Chapter 1047-Step Up, Momonosuke
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

As Onigashima inches closer and closer to the Flower Capital (where the Fire Festival’s wrapping up), Momonosuke does everything he can to make it stop. However, he’s crippled by his fears and the memory of when he saw his Mother for the last time. Yet the future Shogun refuses to yield!

One Piece Chapter 1047-Luffy's Gum-Gum Thunderbolt
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

In the sky above, Luffy continues to use his crazy powers to throw Kaido for a loop. Yet the Beast Pirate captain scolds him, saying that a strong Devil Fruit doesn’t let one conquer the seas; like Roger proved, only Haki can, as he uses his own to hurt Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 1047-Kaido Can Still Hurt Luffy
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

Down in the island below, everyone’s all but stopped fighting as they simply focus on survival. Most of the Alliance, though, realizes that if Kaido falls, so will the island, killing all of them, which they accept. Luffy, on the other hand, has no such plans. Inflating his fist until it’s bigger than the island, Luffy tells Momonosuke that he believes in him. So he needs to move Onigashima out of the way!

One Piece Chapter 1047-Luffy's Final Attack
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

Oh, and Orochi’s still alive.


If you think that I’m worried about what’s going to happen to Onigashima, then you clearly haven’t been reading One Piece long enough. Facing impossible odds is when Luffy truly flourishes, and he inspires those around him to follow suit. If he believes that Momonosuke can move the island out of the way, then Momonosuke can do that. All the future Shogun of Wano needs to do is let go of his self-doubt and become the peerless warrior everyone knows he can be!

That aside, it’s nice to see that the fighting’s all but done on the island, with the Alliance ready to put their faith in Luffy, come what may. What I don’t like is seeing that Orochi has, for the umpteenth time, escaped the death that he deserves. What’s it going to take to put that snake down for good?!? There’s no way he’s going to be harm Hiyori, though. Some deus ex machina’s going to stop him.

One Piece Chapter 1047-Orochi Just Won't Die
Source-Viz Media, MangaSee, Shonen Jump

It looks like the battle for the future of Wano will reach its climactic end in a few chapters, and what an end it will be. Now, if Momonosuke could become the dragon he was always meant to be, everything will be golden.

Also, we all knew that Gol D. Roger never had a Devil Fruit, right? I thought it was pretty obvious


I Give “Skies Above the Capital” a 4/5

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  1. I feel like this is where Denjiro comes in to save Hiyori, as well as reveal what he’s been doing since we last saw him.
    WOW, LUFFY; you may not hit Ongashima, but is the actual country of Wano able to take THAT? Doffy thought the “King Kong Gun” was bad? Pfft!

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